THE Borders-based environmental charity Tweed Forum has launched a new carbon-offset scheme for individuals, families and small businesses looking for ways to balance out their carbon footprints.

Working in conjunction with Forest Carbon, the new Tweed Forum Carbon Club sets out a series of likely carbon emission levels for various business and household sizes and allows them to make a donation towards the creation of new woodlands in the Scottish Borders and North Northumberland. 

The calculations use a recognised system of carbon credits, with one credit purchased representing one tonne of atmospheric carbon dioxide captured and enabling the planting of four trees. All tree-planting projects undertaken are certified under Scottish Forestry’s Woodland Carbon Code.

Tweed Forum’s director, Luke Comins, said; “There are many practical things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint, but all of us will still be responsible for the emission of some carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Our Tweed Forum Carbon Club provides a simple way to help to neutralise the impact that each of us has on the planet through an easily accessible tree-planting scheme that helps to absorb harmful emissions and which also provides an environment with multiple benefits such as wildlife biodiversity and flood mitigation.

“For small businesses, this could be an important way to address their corporate social responsibility goals and obligations, and the scheme also enables individuals and families to make a practical contribution to the climate change battle.”