HUSQVARNA is celebrating 60 years of chainsaw manufacturing with the release of a limited-edition vinyl featuring the sounds of some of its most iconic models.

Recorded in the forest outside of Huskvarna, Sweden, the album contains sounds from twelve selected chainsaws, from the 1959 Husqvarna MS90 to the completely new 2019 Husqvarna 550 XP Mark II. During the recording, all chainsaws went through the typical forestry worker’s tasks: felling, limbing and crosscutting.

Limited to 60 copies in the UK, the album will also be available on Spotify and soundcloud.

Ken Brewster, UK sales and marketing director, said: “With this record we celebrate our 60-year jubilee of making chainsaws, and most importantly we celebrate our customers that have been using our chainsaws since the late 1950s. With Husqvarna chainsaws as our instruments, we have created a time machine that lets the listener travel from 1959 to 2019.”