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“Tree” was apparently one of Susan's first words; perhaps not surprising as she and her mother spent a lot of time in London’s leafy Greenwich Park. She went on to marry a timber-cutter and has lived remotely in the midst of a Northumbrian conifer forest almost ever since. She finds forestry journalism is not without its challenges but it is also stimulating and enhances many aspects of her life. What’s more, there is no age limit to reporting. Travelling around the UK and elsewhere on behalf of Forestry Journal and essentialARB, Susan meets many remarkable people from all aspects of forestry and arboriculture in a range of situations - forests, woodlands and timber-related heritage sites. The vulnerability of trees to the effects of climate change, invasive pests and disease is well-documented in the forestry press. Nevertheless, as a former teacher who endeavoured to interest youngsters in environmental concerns, she is optimistic in this regard.

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