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James Hendrie graduated with an MBA from Stirling University in 2003. It was the subsequent publication of his dissertation work in an academic journal, as well as his contribution to a book, that led him on the path to freelance writing. He has continued to do this since then, alongside carrying out a full-time regional management role for a Scotland-based retail company. James has written for a number of newspapers and magazines. He first contributed to Forestry Journal in 2009. His writing covers a wide spectrum of topics, which ranges from history, geology and travel to transportation and, of course, trees and the forestry industry. Based in the central belt of Scotland, James has always had a passion for writing. He now writes for several magazines on an ongoing basis. He enjoys meeting people and writing about a wide range of topics for these publications. His hobbies are diverse like his writing. These include Eddie Stobart truck spotting, railways, aviation, gardening, travel, most sports, and definitely writing! Since starting to write for Forestry Journal, James has also enjoyed visiting many heritage tree sites and arboretums. He enjoys finding out about the history and stories behind them. Married with two grown-up daughters, James has always been very involved in his local community supporting the work of many organisations over the years.

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