Profile: Mark Stone

Forestry Journal:


Based in the north-west of England, former racing driver Mark Stone moved into radio and motoring journalism after his competitive driving career came to an end in the late 1980s. Apart from a brief return to road rallying in the early 2000s (driving a friend’s collection of rare Porsches on numerous European events), Mark’s motorsport involvement is now purely PR-based. Over the years, Mark has written for many of the well-known motoring magazines and made numerous TV appearances while establishing his weekly DrystoneFM program 'The Backseat Driver Radio Show' as one of the most popular of its type. Still an enthusiastic driver, Mark is equally at home behind the wheel of his Morgan or his hardworking Fiat Panda Cross as he is off-roading the latest 4x4 or providing commentary work at many of the country’s car shows.

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