Environmental intelligence firm GSI will showcase an existing dataset from their portfolio at 5pm BST today, Wednesday 21st April. The insight will be provided alongside an overview of the company’s international operations, as part of their Capturing Accurate Commercial Forestry Value” event.

The company, headquartered in Scotland, provides analysis-ready data on the current state, condition, value and sustainable use of natural resources. The webinar will demonstrate how GSI can deliver land and forestry data rapidly through the use of earth observation and artificial intelligence, via a report that provides a highly accurate breakdown of the natural assets and their values located throughout North Carolina and down to South Carolina.

Data included in the report, which has been made available to purchase in full for the first time, maps, measures and analyses the land and the many species of trees present, by combining layers of satellite imagery with multiple additional sources to provide an accurate analysis of key land features. These include the many species of tree present, broken down by area and group, along with details such as proximity and height.

The Carolinas Report is a prime example of the company’s ability to easily capture state-wide geographical regions, providing wall-to-wall forest inventory not previously possible at such low cost, helping to mitigate the demanding task of mapping out complex areas of land and forest.

GSI’s combination of data sources and artificial intelligence enables them to go far beyond the straightforward classification of natural assets, providing highly accurate breakdowns of global forestry, agriculture, and land use worldwide for decision-makers and leaders in carbon finance, real estate, forest fund management, land-use management, crop insurance and retail supply chains.

Peter Young, Interim CEO of GSI, explains “GSI’s technology allows us to accurately measure any forest, anytime, anywhere. By showcasing the Carolinas Report during this event, we’ll be able to provide a real example of how forest inventory data provided valuable insight for cost-effective business decisions.”

“Our inaugural webinar will explain how GSI’s data has the potential to show the value in forested natural resources through the use of highly accurate, analysis-ready environmental data” he added.

Capturing Accurate Commercial Forestry Value will feature a live online data demonstration from GSI’s Head of Forestry, as well as an appearance from guest speaker and expert biometrician Steve Fairweather, who will highlight the key benefits of using GSI’s environmental data.

Those looking to gain a better understanding of how GSI’s forest inventory data can help provide valuable insight for cost-effective business decisions can register for the live webinar at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_CqTtLjDcTW2mSGrfBqC9-w.