A new release for 2019, GreenMech’s EVO 165 range has been designed in direct response to industry demands to deliver more aggressive torque, more powerful bite and more throughput. 

It combines a wealth of new features, together with some of GreenMech’s proven innovations which have seen their chippers become the preferred choice with many industry professionals. Its wide infeed chute, together with twin horizontal rollers and GreenMech’s ‘No-Stress’ control system mean the EVO 165 efficiently grips timber and brash and controls its lateral movement to provide maximum bite and extraordinary processing power via its new, heavy-duty flywheel and re-flowed exit chute. 

Optimised outputs from a diesel or petrol engine provide power that matches budget with operational needs, alongside maximum fuel efficiency and compliance with Stage V emission requirements. The EVO is the quietest machine GreenMech has produced to date, beneficial for both operators and neighbours alike. 

Together with improved performance, the aspects of safety, durability and ease of maintenance have also come under the spotlight. GreenMech has fitted the EVO with a new safety bar system to minimise nuisance tripping while offering a better inflow of material. The EVO’s durability has been increased with the adoption of a one-piece fabricated chassis that provides greater strength in even the most demanding of operational conditions. Meanwhile, GreenMech’s patented ‘Disc Blade’ system continues to provide in excess of 900 chipping hours before replacement. 

When maintenance is required, the vertical and horizontal shear bars have been re-engineered to be more accessible and a centralised greasing point has been introduced to make regular servicing easier to carry out.

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DESIGNED to tackle the toughest jobs, the Timberwolf 8” range of tracked and road-towable wood chippers features the widest infeed aperture in its class (280 mm x 210 mm) which combines with an extra-wide feed funnel and the infeed roller’s huge crushing strength to help arborists complete their work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

All Timberwolf machines are designed with the operator in mind and the TW 280 range is no different. Whether it’s the additional safety controls, such as the reverse feed rollers overriding the stop bar, or the carefully positioned air filter intakes to draw in cool, dust-free air, this machine delivers exceptional performance and strength to exceed the demands of the modern-day arborist. 

Timberwolf believes in providing customers with the power of choice, with its 8” road-towable wood chipper range available with a diesel or petrol Kubota engine, both delivering outstanding performance and a throughput of up to 6.5 tonnes per hour.

The flagship of the TW 280 range is TW 280TVGTR, a variable tracked machine launched at the 2018 Arb Show. The TW 280TVGTR features the WolfTrack variable tracking system, which makes tackling difficult ground conditions easy, thanks to the ability to raise the height of the machine off the ground and alter the angle at which it sits by up to 30 degrees.

All Timberwolf wood chippers come with a 3-year no-nonsense warranty, a guarantee that a Timberwolf machine will not let customers down, giving additional peace of mind to the owner.

To date, Timberwolf has manufactured more than 13,500 machines from its purpose-built facility in Stowmarket, Suffolk, using the very best production and quality control techniques. 

Before turning the key in their machine, Timberwolf customers know they have the extra reassurance in the strength and support of Timberwolf’s dealer network, supported by over 225 trained Timberwolf technicians operating from 38 depots across the UK. 

To book a demo call 01449 765800 or email

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FOR some time, wood chippers used in the arboriculture industry have been predominantly powered by diesel engines due to their powerful performance and cost-effectiveness to operate.

Just 12 months ago, you wouldn’t have expected to see leading manufacturers promoting petrol products, but with new Stage V emissions standards coming into force, petrol is now the order of the day.

Petrol is one of the most affordable ways to get yourself a really decent chipper. Anything over 24 hp with a diesel engine has to have the DPF filter going forward which is a costly and more complex option.

The Först petrol range is amazingly fuel efficient, boasts lots of torque and makes for a more cost-effective purchase in the first place. 

Leading the pack is the Först ST8P, a true performance machine, punching out 57 horse power from a Kubota petrol engine. 

The ST8P has a 8” x 10” capacity, the highly effective Först flywheel system, ForstGrip feed rollers and the fully comprehensive three-year warranty. It weighs in at 1,250 kg and, according to the manufacturers, “will take on any other 8” machine blindfolded!” 

Find out more at or call the team on 01264 721790.

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JAS P Wilson, the UK and Ireland’s sole supplier of Danish-manufactured TP Wood Chippers, offers a variety of options for professional arb and forestry workers.

What’s more, Jas P Wilson’s newly launched ‘advanced service commitment’, a new regional service network of aftersales support engineers, is now active to ensure customers get the most from their machines.

In the 750+ kg category, the range includes the 215 and 275 models, each with chassis options and attachments to suit different requirements. The 215 is a front runner for mass market appeal, as this incredibly capable machine offers an excellent balance of power, reliability and quality.

The powerful TP 215 Mobile 8.5” chipper delivers versatility with its horizontal feed roller design delivering over one tonne of infeed force. This powerful infeed is the result of a combination of aggressive ‘shark teeth’ feed rollers, two powerful springs, plus the immense infeed force provided by the TP ‘dual torque’ infeed, ensuring maximum oil pressure and oil flow to the feed rollers.

This infeed system allows the TP 215 Mobile to comfortably and smoothly chip challenging timber, even with changing diameters, changing species and twisted lengths.

The towable machine is powered with a reliable 4-cylinder high-tech diesel engine providing a substantial 49 hp. This powerful engine has many benefits, including direct injection, easy cold start, high torque reserve and low fuel consumption. It suits users who need maximum efficiency and a high degree of versatility for all types of tree care and clearance tasks. This model can be fitted with a chip-kit to produce a consistent quality of chip suitable for biomass.

Additional features for easier operation and maintenance include:
• A wide and foldable funnel providing high capacity and easy storage.
• An adjustable ejector spout allowing users to position the spout where they require – it also greatly benefits transportation and storage.
• Rapid access to all service parts simply by opening the bonnet and the rotor housing.
• Easy start-up and operation with the automatic clutch system and no-stress control.

The TP 215 Mobile is available in several versions. The inline machine comes on a single axle or as a twin-axle turntable. Due to being built in high-strength steel, the TP 215 Mobile is lightweight and easy to tow behind most vehicles (1,355 kg for the single-axle version), making this product ideal for a variety of applications. 

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JENSEN is the original wood chipper manufacturer, established in 1884 for maintaining municipal spaces around Maasbull, northern Germany.

Today, Jensen is unrivalled in offering the widest range of wood chippers on the market, from 6” to 12” capacity – towed, tracked, PTO, turntable and custom-built.

Renowned for its high build quality and robustness, the benefits of investing in a Jensen are endless, including the use of robust steel components, large open flywheel system which almost eradicates blockages, a single consistent motor powering intermeshing feed rollers and double-edge chipping blades for optimal cutting and chip quality.

All new Jensen wood chippers are covered by a three-year warranty, with parts stocked in the UK and an extensive dealer network providing service, parts and repairs backup to users across the country.

In the 750+ kg range, Jensen’s A540 chipper is the most versatile model, offering towed, PTO and tracked formats, along with 270° turntable option on road-towable machines.

The turntable solution, available on all 8” chippers and above, is ideal for those working in tight spaces where you need to control the angle of the infeed hopper, such as along highways or footpaths. It also makes jobs quicker, enabling you to leave the machine hitched to the vehicle while discharging in the required direction.

The hugely popular A540 Spider tracked wood chipper offers an additional variant to the A540 line-up, with independently adjustable hydraulic tracks up to 1,400 mm in width. This offers unrivalled manoeuvrability and stability on embankments and awkward terrain, with a compact footprint for accessing tight spaces when needed.

In any configuration, the impressive 8” capacity A540 is easily capable of processing approximately 18 m3/h of timber and brash, powered by diesel Kubota engines or a 40 hp tractor for PTO.

At the highest end of chipping capacity, the Jensen A141 XL reduces large timber up to 12” with ease, processing up to 35 m3 per hour.

Again available in road-towable, PTO and tracked configurations, the A141 XL is mounted with a turntable, with the tracked version featuring a hugely powerful 103 hp Perkins diesel engine. Recent variants of the A141 XL have included crane-fed systems for use around highways and railways for ultimate productivity, with increasing interest from contractors across the UK seeking large, powerful wood chippers.