Getting to, from or around a site; transporting crew, kit and materials; traversing forest roads and rough terrain – it can be a tricky business. With that in mind, Forestry Journal takes a look at a few of the utility vehicles on the market at the moment designed to lighten the load.


Forestry Journal:

IN the UK, Isuzu’s model range runs from 3.5 tonnes up to 13.5 tonnes. In terms of specific models that suit forestry, arboricultural and landscaping firms, the 3.5-tonne Grafter Green Dropside, Grafter Green tipper and Grafter Blue tipper are probably the most popular. The Grafter Green Utilitruck is also well suited, as it features a tipper body with a lockable tool pod for storing equipment.

N35.125 (Grafter Green)

  • Four-cylinder Euro 6 diesel engine (1.9 litre), impressive power output of 123 PS, requires no AdBlue.
  • Capable of operating in low emission zones (LEZs).
  • Up to 1,510 kg and 1,365 kg payload capacity.*
  • Available in manual and semi-automatic gearboxes
  • Available with single and twin rear-wheel configurations.
  • * 1,510 kg payload applies to N35.125(S) Dropside only. 1,365 kg payload applies to N35.125(S) Tipper only.

N35.150 (Grafter Blue)

  • Has more power than N35.125, a larger engine (3.0 litre), power output of 150 PS, requires AdBlue.
  • Capable of operating in low emission zones (LEZs).
  • Available with manual and semi-automatic gearboxes.
  • Available in narrow and wide cab.
  • Suited for longer-distance driving and towing.


  • 3-litre engine, Euro VI LEZ compliant.
  • Tachograph and operator’s licence required.
  • Typical payload of 4,000 kg* (applies to N75.150(E) Dropside).
  • Available in manual and semi-automatic gearboxes.
  • Suitable for all body configurations.
  • * 4,000 kg payload applies to N75.150 (E) Dropside.

All vehicles can tow up to 3.5 tonnes and come with three-year unlimited mileage warranty.

As well as supplying chassis cab vehicles, Isuzu also sell pre-bodied trucks in its Driveaway range. This includes some of the most popular chassis and body combinations such as the 3.5-tonne tipper and dropside, and 7.5-tonne tipper.

The main benefit of ordering one of Isuzu’s Driveaway vehicles is the shorter lead time. Isuzu’s dealer network tends to stock Driveaway trucks more frequently, which are often available to customers within a matter of days or weeks.

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Forestry Journal:


The Can-Am Traxter DPS HD8 is a tough, capable and clever SSV powered by Rotax’s innovative 50 hp V-twin engine. It has selectable two-/four-wheel drive with a lockable rear differential and Visco-Lok QE auto-locking front differential for effective traction and grip on rugged terrain, and an electronic hill-descent control for driving assistance. Its Tri-Mode DPS offers three levels of rider-adjustable steering assistance that can be adapted to match the terrain. It also comes with PRO-TORQ Transmission and heavy-duty Torsional Trailing A-arms (TTA-HD) rear suspension, specifically created to enhance low-speed riding, providing a smoother and more responsive power delivery.


THE Can-Am Outlander PRO 450 combines the efficient performance of the Outlander with the power of a Rotax engine to offer users a comfortable and versatile workhorse vehicle that can handle the rigours of any situation put in front of it. It is powered by a 38 hp single-cylinder, liquid-cooled Rotax 450 four-stroke engine, which has been designed by Rotax engineers to offer the user the torque and power required when riding up the side of hills or towing and hauling cargo on the flat.

It is also fitted with Double-A-arm front and torsional trailing arm independent (TTI) rear suspensions, selectable two-/four-wheel drive with Visco Lok QE auto-locking front differential, and the Tri-Mode dynamic power steering (DPS) system. The combination of all these elements provides the user with an easy-to-handle ATV.


The Can-Am Outlander 650 6×6 comes with selectable four-/-six-wheel drive and has an increased workload capacity and softer engagement for smooth starts, enabled by the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system. This features an extra-low range L-gear and an improved cooling facility when dragging heavy cargo and riding on rough terrain, delivering increased efficiency.

The Generation 2 chassis combines the performance of the Rotax 650 V-twin engine with the precision-engineered handling, comfort and control provided by the double TTI rear suspension and the Tri-mode DPS to improve handling. The user benefits from towing and carrying capacities of 750 kg and 408 kg respectively and a versatile dual-level rear cargo box with a customisable flatbed to carry hay, logs or heavy equipment.

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Forestry Journal:

REGARDED by many as the industry standard in their respective markets, the Kawasaki MULE and ATV range for 2020 has just been unveiled. With no less than four MULE variants for the coming season and two ATVs, there is a wide field of choice in the coming model year.

The Brute Force ATV line comprises two versions of the popular fuel injected 750 V-twin 4×4 platform offering two colour-ways with Camouflage Real Tree Xtra Green for field sports and rural users complimented by a Super Black / Vibrant Blue colour-way that will appeal to leisure users and those using the vehicles for such things as public event security and other commercial ventures.

Both ATVs are equipped with speed-variable Electronic Power Steering, taking the effort out of all-day working for commercial users and allowing recreational-use owners to attack the most challenging trails with ease. Add shaft drive, selectable two- and four-wheel drive plus front and rear double-wishbone suspension and the features of Kawasaki’s 2020 ATV’s speak for themselves.

The MULE PRO and SX range is no less impressive, encompassing a variety of engine capacities and vehicle sizes. With demand from those who need a machine with formidable carrying and towing capacity to those that prioritise diminutive size and manoeuvrability, all the bases are covered.

Smallest in the MULE range for 2020 is the MULE SX 4×4. For tight spaces and budget-friendly running costs, this 401-cc air-cooled petrol-engined wonder is often users’ first taste of MULE ownership.

Underpinning the SX is the MULE PRO-MX with quad headlamps, automotive-style doors and dashboard plus all the necessary practical touches such as a generous tipping loadbed and impressive towing capability.

Spearheading the MULE line in the coming season are the aptly named MULE PRO and PRO-DX models. The first choice of many demanding professional users, these vehicles represent the pinnacle of the MULE line and each comes fully equipped to conquer any task asked of it.

Satisfying single-fuel-type commercial users with their rugged and reliable 3-cylinder diesel engines, the Pro-DX and DXT feature electrically selectable 2WD and 4WD; LED lights; large-volume tilting cargo beds; and, in the case of the PRO-DXT, the ability to quickly convert from one row of seating to two rows, a boon for working parties and those suddenly needing to transport people in place of loads safely and securely.

Ensuring their well-deserved place among the very best ATVs and utility vehicles available, the hard working, dependable, fully featured and stylish Kawasaki MULE and ATV range for 2020 is once more the default ideal choice.

For more information, please contact Kawasaki Motors UK on 01628 856750 or email