If you're looking for a sub-750 kg chipper, perhaps as a backup to other, larger machines, or for those difficult-to-access jobs, check out some of the models currently on offer.



Forestry Journal:

The M500 gravity-fed woodchipper is the showpiece of the Jo Beau range, proving popular with an array of customers throughout Europe.

Featuring an infeed chute opening of 630 mm x 435 mm, the M500 can cope with material 120–130mm in diameter and excels at processing materials such as conifer/leylandii.

At the heart of the machine is a 500 mm-wide drum fitted with two reversible full-width knives. The knives cut against a counter blade which is adjustable and can be reversed once worn. Drum design is the same across the range of Jo Beau chippers, and it’s this very design and knife angle that pulls the material in without any need for a powered feed system.

The chipped material exits via a rotatable discharge chute which is fitted with an adjustable flipper. Chipped material can be directed accurately without having to alter the position of the machine, which can save a great deal of time when working to tight time schedules, or where a lack of room dictates the working position of the machine.

The M500 is equipped with wide cleated pneumatic tyres and a 24 hp Honda GX engine with electric start. This unique, self-propelled, compact chipper combines power and manoeuvrability on every level. It is the only model in the Jo Beau range that is self-propelled.

A unique feature of the M500 is the fuel tank, which is a removable 20-litre jerrycan. This simplifies filling as the jerrycan can be removed and filled up directly from a petrol pump.

Although the quick-release discharge chute is fitted as standard, there are additional options available such as dual wheels, higher discharge chute, and puncture-resistant castor wheels.

Easy to move around and transport, the unique design reduces the set-up and manoeuvring time required by other market models. At an impressive 730 mm width, the M500 is narrow enough to fit through a standard garden gateway, or a standard doorway through a house for those difficult-to-access jobs.

With all the above features and ease of use, the M500 is appropriate for arborists and garden services alike.

For further information or to request a demo, please contact the sales office on +44 (0)1476 568384.



Forestry Journal:

THE Schliesing 175 MX is a lightweight, manoeuvrable sub-750 kg woodchipper, perfectly suited for licences issued after 1 June 1997.

The 175 MX has a fully galvanised single axle and chassis plus Schliesing’s Power Control System and a heavy-duty machine protection industrial freewheel clutch are fitted as standard.

The Power Control System or stress control stops the feed rollers if too much material is fed into the hopper, allowing the flywheel to return to full speed to optimise chipping production.

Due to its lightweight, compact build, the 175 MX is extremely easy to manoeuvre into challenging work locations and is ideally suited for chipping large quantities of small- to medium-sized material in almost all environments.

The Schliesing 175 MX is fitted with a 22 hp (16.1 kW) 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, which is below the Euro V compliancy requirement.

Schliesing’s ingenious PowerGrip feed rollers comprise of massive, curved steel gussets and a unique tooth geometry. This provides for a non-slipping and aggressive infeed, seizing and breaking branch forks as well as thick or thin materials such as willows or ground-cover plants.

With a wood diameter capability of up to 16 cm (6”) and a feed width of 24 cm (9.5”), the 175 MX seizes, centres and reliably feeds the material, which makes it a very popular versatile machine.

The PowerGrip chipping unit is fitted with a safety circuit as per EN 13525 requirements and a two-blade chipping disc with fully adjustable knives, giving the flexibility to reposition anvils (horizontally/vertically), assisting protection against entangling.

There are more features included across the range, many of which are fitted as standard, including the pivoting discharge chute in accordance with EN standards, adjustable discharge chute deflector flap and noise insulation, separate hydraulic circuit, feed rollers with hydraulic forced feeding and separate oil motor and hydraulic chip size adjustment.

SAFEchip is Schliesing’s unique patented electronic operator protection system (recommended by the gardening trade association).

Once the operator wearing the transponder enters the electromagnetic field generated by the transmitter/receiver unit, the feed rollers are instantly stopped.

Schliesing machines are safe, reliable, fast and nigh on indestructible.

They possess an ingenious chipping design: unique PowerGrip feed rollers, a heavy chipping disc, an enclosed cutting system, an optimal geometry of the discharge chute: nothing wedges or clogs – it simply chips.

Schliesing woodchippers have been designed for a maximum working output and service life and retain their value.

It is a proven fact that Schliesing woodchippers yield the highest resale proceeds – even after many years and hours on the clock.

For more information, please contact Overland on 0118 981 4297 or visit www.overland-es.com.



Forestry Journal:

WITH over 30 years of industry experience, Timberwolf is renowned for offering customers an unrivalled choice of diesel- and petrol-powered woodchippers. The Timberwolf range of sub-750 kg, six-inch road tow woodchippers includes three products with diesel and petrol engine options up to 37 hp.

The TW 160PH petrol-powered woodchipper has become a firm favourite with arborists and landscapers alike, thanks to its 608 kg weight, robustness and compact size. It can be easily manoeuvred by hand up to the worksite, saving time on dragging brash over to the woodchipper, and its 22 hp Honda petrol engine and wide hopper makes short work of the toughest jobs.

The TW 230DHB is Europe’s best-selling sub-750 kg diesel woodchipper and is the arborist’s machine of choice. Powered by a 35 hp Kubota V1505 diesel engine, this machine delivers unrivalled performance in its class. The TW 230PAHB is a petrol-powered version of the TW 230DHB, utilising a 37 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V twin petrol engine to deliver the same performance. Both machines offer customers exceptional strength, reliability and efficiency, ensuring work is completed quickly and with minimal fuss.

There is no compromise with the Timberwolf sub-750 kg range; they all feature quad force rollers with immense crushing power, robust and tactile infeed controls on both sides of the hopper for ultimate control and time-saving servicing features such as centralised greasing points and the Wolf Port, which enables end users to quickly change the reversible blades. All Timberwolf machines come with a three-year, no-nonsense warranty included as standard, with the option to increase to five years for complete peace of mind.

When purchasing a Timberwolf, you’re investing in more than a machine. Timberwolf owners have access to over 250 Timberwolf-trained technicians and a network of 34 dealer depots ready to offer expert advice and provide technical support across the UK. A testament to the strength of Timberwolf’s build quality, owners can rest assured that when the time comes, Timberwolf woodchippers maintain the highest residual value on the market.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration visit www.timberwolf-uk.com/book-demo or call 01449 765800. Follow @MyTimberwolf on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Forestry Journal:

JENSEN offers the widest range of woodchippers on the market, from sub-750 kg machines right through to 300 mm capacity tracked chippers which can be customised with cranes, conveyors or storage containers.

In the sub-750 kg range, Jensen’s hugely popular A530 model leads the way in power and value for money. Mounted on a galvanised steel chassis to reduce shock, damage and wear, the 6” Jensen A530 offers hydraulic infeed rollers, powerful 22 hp diesel engine, and a distinctive open flywheel system to avoid blockages and keep you working even with wet and green material.

The 270-degree rotating chute makes it easy to dispense chippings safely, while the sound-reducing paint and silencing equipment within the machine reduce noise and make working around the woodchipper safer and more comfortable.

Launched at the end of 2019, the new A530 turntable offers a towable chipper with 270-degree turntable functionality for even better productivity and safety while chipping.

Jensen woodchippers are known industry-wide for their power, robustness and reliability. You really do get what you pay for, but they are also easy to maintain as needed. Built with simple-to-remove panels for easy access, built-in toolboxes and storage areas, and a double-sided anvil that can be changed in just five minutes when worn, Jensen users can easily and quickly maintain their machine, saving time and money.

With a growing network of Jensen dealers across the UK you can arrange a free on-site demonstration and find out more at www.jensenchippers.co.uk.