The demand for biomass has grown substantially in recent years and, as we turn more towards sustainable energy and away from fossil fuels, it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. In this month’s Buyer’s Guide, Forestry Journal looks at some of the machinery currently on the market which can help you produce uniform, high-quality chips.


Forestry Journal:

UFKES Greentec offers a range of three drum chipper models, varying from 45–65 cm infeed and available in a variety of combinations from PTO up to truck-mounted.

The Greentec 942, available with two or four rollers, has an infeed of 520 x 710 mm (max. infeed 450 x 710 mm) and has three knives distributed along the drum.

The Greentec 952MEGA, available with two or four rollers, has an infeed of 660 x 1,060 mm (max. infeed 550 x 1,060 mm) and is fitted with four knives distributed along the drum.

The Greentec 962, available with three or five rollers, has an infeed opening of 700 x 920 mm (max. infeed 650 mm x 920 mm) and six knives distributed along the drum, with blower blades on either side.

The drums on all models are fitted with a specially designed counterknife, with small branches being cut from a different angle, resulting in better chip quality. The upper two infeed rolls are internally driven by heavy, low-maintenance Poclain engines; therefore there are no open slits beside the infeed, preventing chips from scattering.

All machines are manufactured out of premium steel 355 (52-3), fully blasted and powder coated twice. This process results in a long-lasting machine with low maintenance costs and a high trade-in value. High-tech controls with pre-programmed applications process all different kinds of material (logs, branches, shrub and hardwood) to uniform chips.

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Forestry Journal:

THE Eazi-pak log-netting machine supplied by John Wilson’s new company Multi-Log has a place in the industry and not just for the large producers.

The machine isn’t just for high-capacity output; it’s designed to make life much easier for the operators. Those operators need not be experienced or physically strong, as the Eazi-pak is simple to work and greatly reduces the effort required.

Processed logs are deposited in the hopper (up to 3.2 cubic metres capacity) and a single-phase electric motor powers the hydraulics which drive the chain, delivering the logs over the cleaning screen, down to the packing and bagging area. A restrictor door with adjustable pressure allows the wood to flow gently to the operator using gravity and the weight of the congested logs. This protects the operator’s fingers and controls the flow.

Output depends on several factors; wood species, size, etc., as well as the ability of the packers. During trials, using 8-inch softwood logs in 45 x 60 nets, 150 per hour using two operators was comfortably achieved. However, one of the biggest attractions to the purchasers is the ability of especially family members to be involved, even if only on a part-time basis (this keeps the money in-house). Many producers leave the hopper loaded and all staff are instructed to use the Eazi-pak to fill any slack periods between essential operations.

Operation is push-button start and even one person can operate productively. With a delivered price of around £18,000 + VAT, repayments can be spread over three, four or five years.

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Forestry Journal:

HEIZOMAT is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery and accessories within the biomass sector. To achieve the uniform-quality chips it desired for its own woodchip boilers, it developed its own unique woodchippers – Heizohack.

Born from a requirement for perfect chip quality, Heizohack chippers still focus on this criterion and are widely regarded as the woodchipper that produces the best-quality biomass-grade woodchip on the market.

Interchangeable sieves surround the chipping drum and determine the size and therefore the grade of the chip produced. This feature is standard on all of the chippers across the Heizohack range.

Large flywheels on all Heizohack chippers generate momentum within the machine, meaning that they do not require a lot of horsepower to run them. The smallest chipper in the range has an impressive 12-inch-diameter capacity, and only requires 70 horsepower to power it, meaning capital outlay and fuel consumption are kept to a minimum.

Heizohack chippers also have an impressive appetite, the larger models within the range capable of producing in excess of 50 tonnes of perfect-grade biomass woodchip per hour.

All Heizohack chippers have letterbox-type infeed openings with aggressive top and bottom infeed rollers. This means that they are all capable of processing twisted timber, and taking in brash. The ability to process virtually any timber, coupled with their simple, mechanical, tank-like build quality and the vast range of machines, has made Heizohack chippers a firm favourite amongst biomass contractors producing chip to sell, boiler owners who wish to produce chip for their own use, site-clearance contractors and tree surgeons alike – as there is a model of Heizohack chipper to suit every requirement.

Fuelwood (Warwick) is the authorised UK importer, stockist and service provider for Heizohack chippers, as well as other brands of forestry machinery.

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Forestry Journal:

THIS automatic firewood machine produces high volumes of valuable firewood from the timber which is all too often avoided due to it being difficult to cost-effectively process.

The biomass material in question is often large-diameter arb waste, sawn timber offcuts, wind-blown trees, site-clearance waste and mixed timber from unmanaged smaller pockets of woodland.

Unlike a conventional firewood processor which accepts lengths of timber up to a certain diameter, this machine will accept pre-cut timber rounds of up to 42 cm in diameter, or split halves of up to 80 cm.

Oversized timber above this size (81 cm+) can be split down further beforehand with a log splitter and then processed through this machine. The rounds of timber are often already being produced through tree surgery work. Many arb tasks result in large rings from the trunk and larger limbs; something which up until now have been very time-consuming to convert into uniform logs.

It’s a machine which does not replace a standard processor, for example, but rather complements it for businesses that can readily access this relatively inexpensive timber. The ability to utilise this timber creates the opportunity for a good profit to be made, rather than focusing solely on the straight and narrow logs which are generally used.

Simply pre-set the thickness of the desired log on the control panel, and step away from the controls. The operator can then work to keep the infeed belt well supplied as the X-shaped splitting knife cross-cuts the rings to the pre-set width. The AutoLogger can be set to produce logs from any size between thin 4 cm sticks up to the largest setting of 15 cm-wide logs. Anyone familiar with the popular AutoSplit 250 kindling machine from Posch will notice many similarities with this unit. It’s more or less a scaled-up kindling machine, but with the increased size comes increased output.

There is an option to get a stand-alone powered out-feed conveyor, which plugs into hydraulic ports on the machine. This is ideal for users who would like to directly load trailers or feed a cleaning machine, such as a Posch LogFix L. There is also a direct bagging option available, much like the bagging facility on the Posch AutoSplit 250.

To get a feel for the machine, please visit and search for “Posch AutoLogger 420”.

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Forestry Journal:

MORBARK, based in Winn, Michigan, provides leading equipment in the forestry, recycling and biomass markets. Steel Viper is really focused on the forestry and wood-recycling industry, and provides a whole line of Morbark equipment, from brush chippers and forestry mulchers to chippers, horizontal shredders and tub grinders.

The latest focus has been on the 3400 Wood Hog horizontal chipper. This versatile high-speed shredder boasts huge production 24/7, and includes features such as:

• Sloped infeed sides and an additional 24” (60.96 cm) infeed length gives the operator improved visibility and loading efficiency.

• The area between the hood and the engine has been reconfigured to provide an additional 300 mm to allow a total of 1,000 mm of working space, for better access to components for general maintenance or to change screens.

• The Morbark integrated control system (MICS) automatically adjusts feed rates and monitors pressures and feedwheel position to maximise production and engine efficiency.

• Variable-speed infeed system consists of one 34” (86.36 cm) diameter top compression feed roll with internal drive and a 16’ long x 57½”-wide (4.88 m x 146 cm) live floor equipped with four strands of WDH-120 chain in a staggered configuration.

• Flexible, easily adjustable torque limiter helps protect the driveline and hammermill from damage. This system stops the hammermill instantly when large metals hit.

Steel Viper also offers a range of machines designed for residential services and maintenance contractors, from tree surgeons to land clearance and forestry operations.

Introduced in 1979, the range of Eeger Beever brush chippers have been leading the American industry ever since. Steel Viper can offer a full line of Morbark Eeger Beever tree and brush chippers in a range of sizes and in several configurations – drum or disc, electric or diesel, tracks or tyres.

One of the bestsellers, the Eeger Beever 2131, can handle a large capacity, boasting high production and volume reduction.

A mid-range chipper with top-of-the-range potential, the 2131 features:

• A 36” high x 59” wide (91.4 x 149.9 cm) infeed chute with 20.5” high x 31” wide (52.1 x 78.7 cm) throat opening, allowing for easy feeding of a variety of materials and reducing saw labour.

• The reversing auto-feed system, enabling the user to back the material away from the drum, allowing for maximum chipping performance.

• This customizable machine can be made to suit, with an optional loader, the 2131 is also available with 400 mm of rubber steel tracks for harder-to-reach places and access clearing.

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