When it comes to woodland and forest management, small-scale machinery plays a huge role in getting the job done. Whether you are working in a confined space, tackling tricky terrain or on a sensitive site, this month’s Buyer’s Guide brings you the latest in small-scale machinery.


Forestry Journal:

CANADIAN company Portable Winch specialises in powerful but lightweight winches that pull rope; ideally suited to small woodland owners, conservation projects and people working in areas that are inaccessible to motor vehicles.

The winches can be anchored to other trees or any fixed object. Extractions can be carried out through dense woodland by moving anchor points or introducing pulleys to redirect a load. Well-designed accessories include skidding cones for guiding timber around obstacles, plus a variety of anchors for fixed-position pulls or anchoring off a tow ball.

Using a capstan drum on a sealed gearbox, the rope is only pulled when you apply a gentle force on the end. Length of rope is only limited by what you choose to carry in the bag, then pull out as much as you need and wrap it round the capstan three times. There are no short cables to snap or tangle, making operation safe, versatile and reliable. With two Honda engine-powered winches and an equally powerful lithium battery-powered winch to choose from, users can tailor the kit to extracting timber, recovering game or landing boats.

The four-stroke petrol version can run for hours at a time on one fill of fuel. The lithium battery version comes with a choice of three battery sizes and offers zero-maintenance pulling power when required.

Increasingly, customers are looking for power tools for use in sensitive areas or where petrol is not permitted. The 80/82 Volt battery technology is compatible with Cramer, Greenworks, Stiga, and Briggs and Stratton, for users looking to simplify their range of tools.

Orion Forestry in Essex has been an authorised dealer of Portable Winch products for over eight years. The company’s experience with the product means that accessories and winches can be picked to suit.

For more information, please contact 01279 813591 or visit www.orionforestry.co.uk.


Forestry Journal:

FAMILY-owned machinery supplier M. Large Tree Services is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and is marking the occasion with the launch of a new product guide detailing its 2020-21 offering, including the Hakki Pilke range of firewood processors.

The County Antrim-based firm is the UK and Ireland supplier of Hakki Pilke firewood processors, for professional, semi-professional and domestic users.Power options include tractor PTO, three-phase electric and combi models. Chainsaw and TCT circular cutting options are available.

The Hakki Pilke 38 Pro brings unparalleled efficiency to firewood processing. An effortless, ergonomic and efficient HakkiCut cutting control enables sawing with a single press of a joystick button. During cutting, the lowering speed of the saw bar is automatically adjusted according to the resistance, ensuring an efficient and fast process. At a splitting force of 10 tonnes, the 38 Pro can split even the hardest wood, achieving a splitting cycle of no more than three seconds. In the 38 Pro processor, the AC10 automatic chain tensioner functions mechanically. The patented AC10 system maintains the chain at optimal tension, improving the efficiency of the sawing process and providing a significant increase to the life span of the chain and bar. In addition to sawing and cutting, the joystick is used to adjust the height of the splitting blade and control the infeed conveyor. The 38 Pro model also features the familiar Hakki Pilke cleaning outfeed conveyor, which separates debris from firewood without any additional accessories. As a new feature, the machine also includes a control valve for the outfeed conveyor, which can be used to reverse or stop the conveyor belt as necessary.

The Hakki Pilke 43 Pro firewood processor is a combination of experience and innovations. The 43 Pro is an entirely new machine based on the Easy 42 model. Despite the increased robustness of the frame, the log splitter is compact in terms of its dimensions and weight. The productivity of the processor has been improved with delay-free HakkiSplit splitting force. New features like a hydraulic log clamp, a hydraulically retracting measuring device and log landing plates ensures uninterrupted material flow.

The Hakki Pilke 50 Pro is a heavy-duty machine with superior performance, designed in close cooperation with firewood professionals. It has been tested with a variety of wood types across the globe to ensure international viability as a professional-grade machine for industrial firewood production and consistently superior performance in all conditions.

For further information and prices or to view one of the biggest ranges of Forestry Equipment in the UK and Ireland, contact +44 28 9034 2838 or visit www.mlarge.com.


Forestry Journal:

The CS80 is the latest addition to the pedestrian woodchipper range from GreenMech. The range is known for combining usable power with accessibility, making it ideal for use in gardens, estates and leisure applications.

The new, entry-level CS80 is powered by a 12 hp Loncin pull-start engine and features an impressive 100 mm chipping capacity that makes light work of timber, woody waste and vegetation – with an adjustable discharge chute dispersing the chip produced up to 5 m in any direction. At just 760 mm in width, its size and manoeuvrability make it ideal for jobs in small spaces

Moving up through the range, the CS100 chippers from GreenMech are designed with the professional landscaper, arborist or parks manager in mind. Small yet mighty workhorses, they are powered by either a 16 or 18 hp Vanguard petrol engine. Their wide, open design infeed chute enables large volumes of bushy material or timber to be processed, with its impressive chipping ability provided by two high-grade steel, long-life reversible blades that are easily re-sharpened – thus ensuring low running costs. The tractor-mounted CS100 TMP model is also available, designed to suit compact tractors of between 15 hp and 30 hp.

The CS80 and CS100 also come with the option of their own bespoke trailer for additional convenience in transportation. As with the whole GreenMech range, they are covered by three-year, no-quibble parts and labour warranty as standard and enjoy back-up support from a comprehensive nationwide dealer network.

For more information, please contact 01789 400 044 or visit www.greenmech.co.uk.


Forestry Journal:

SAMPO Rosenlew provides a wide range of harvesters and forwarders, with the leading principle being to offer customers high-quality products specifically designed for their needs and a cost structure that allows profitable harvesting when thinning.

The Sampo Rosenlew FR48 Forwarder is designed and built in Finland using proven components. This 14-tonne forwarder thrives in young, dense forests due to its small dimensions and optimised weight distribution between the front and rear axles. This ensures that the ground and remaining trees are hardly affected by operations. The cab of the forwarder is very spacious with excellent visibility. The rear chassis frame is now extended by 1.2 metres and it has been slightly redesigned, reinforced and widened to handle the 14 tonnes of load and the bigger bogies.

The Hypro 755HB tractor processor is capable of cutting and delimbing trees from 50 cm in diameter right down to 3 cm. It is a fully-equipped machine with a built-in hydraulic system. Pump and tank are both mounted on the machine. The new 7.5 m crane provides increased range and enables the grapple to reach the centre of the machine bed. This also provides the possibility to cut and drop trees in the centre of the processor table when using a felling grapple without having to make any repeating grabs on the tree with the grapple to place it correctly. It can also be fitted with the optional FG45 felling grapple to make it an all-round harvesting solution.

For further details, please contact Oakleaf Forestry on 028 3833 0011 or visit www.oakleafforestry.com.


Forestry Journal:

FUELWOOD supplies both large- and small-scale forestry equipment designed to make life easier, safer and more profitable for its customers. End users involved in smaller-scale woodland management need versatility in their equipment and if a tool can have multiple uses, it can keep costs down while keeping productivity high.

Fuelwood offers various solutions for timber extraction with two ranges of smaller trailers from Avesta Vagnen and FTG Forest, equipped with either radio-controlled winch or a crane for loading the timber. Optional trailer sides and bodies can turn these timber trailers into conventional or tipping trailers for moving much more than just logs.

For landowners and estate managers with their own woodlands and biomass heating facilities, the Heizohack range of chippers enable self-sufficiency in fuel supply for relatively little cost. Many biomass chip contractors need a huge amount of timber to make a day’s chipping worthwhile, and storage space for a huge amount of chip to last between visits. The versatility of owning your own biomass chipper means you can chip little and often, as and when the need to top up the fuel store arises. The energy efficiency designed into the Heizohack range of machines means that only relatively small tractors, the type that most estates and farms will have already, are needed to power these chippers.

As anybody involved with forestry knows, one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks is handling timber. For those lucky enough to own a mini-digger, Fuelwood can offer a range of accessories and attachments including grapples, cone splitters, tree shears, post hole borers, concrete mixing bowls, stump planers, screening baskets and brooms, thus making your excavator the most versatile tool in the shed, and making the majority of tasks within the woodland a lot safer. Accessories are available for 1.5-tonne machines upwards.

Once extracted, there are numerous ways to capitalise on the valuable resource that timber has become. The range of Lucas Mill portable sawmills enable sawmilling and slabbing of timber, while the range of Japa firewood processors and the range of AMR log splitters and saws enable automated firewood production, transforming surplus timber from the woodland management into a quick return on investment.

Fuelwood also manufactures its own range of machinery including firewood processors for larger-scale producers, and kindling machines for anybody with access to a surplus of softwood. Powered by either single or three-phase electric, tractor PTO or hydraulics they can be operated out in the woods or back at a yard. With the capability to produce 60+ nets of kindling an hour, these machines also offer a great solution to processing the timber that can be collected from managing woodland, creating an additional revenue stream.

For more information on the Fuelwood range of forestry and firewood machines that can help existing organisations to diversify profitably, contact 01926 484673 or visit www.fuelwood.co.uk.


Forestry Journal:

FARMA, one of the leading European brands within forestry equipment, offers the largest range of cranes available on the market, running from the compact C3.8 up to the range-leading C8.5 m crane. Add to this an extensive range of trailers and Farma is able to offer its customers the perfect combination to suit their needs, right down to the last nut and bolt.

If cranes are your requirement, Farma produces cranes to fit a wide range of other equipment such as tractors, chippers, firewood machinery, boats and small, compact forwarders. In this field the C4.2 is the market leader with its lifting power of almost 500 kg and the compact nature when folded away. For those in need of a longer reach, yet still small scale, Farma recently introduced the C5.0 crane to the market.

Farma also offers an extensive list of accessories such as grapples, skidders, tree processors and tree shears.

The producers of Farma trailers, cranes and accessories are also the producers behind the market-leading brand Bigab hook-lift trailers, available with factory-fitted cranes tailored to suit.

For more information, visit www.forsmw.com, contact UK/international sales representative Tom Belton on 07860 951 485, or email tom.belton@forsmw.com.

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