There are some jobs where only a heavy-duty chipper will do. Here’s a round-up of some of the top 750+ kg models on the market.


EVO 165D

Forestry Journal:

AN EVO 165D from GreenMech has become the dominant machine on the arb fleet of Swansea-based Rooted Tree & Landscapes.

Owner Craig Mylan has been a loyal user of GreenMech woodchippers since he started the company in 2008 with the EVO becoming his fourth machine, and it’s the most powerful yet – transforming the way they carry out both commercial and domestic tree works.

“I first saw the EVO 165 at its launch at the 2019 Arb Show and the first thing that really hit me – or didn’t hit me, more to the point – was the noise! We have a duty to our customers and our operators to look at things like reducing noise and this machine demonstrates real progress,” explained Craig who heads up a team of six. “There are so many new developments on this machine – simple things like the foldable chute, which makes storage of the unit that much easier.”

From a performance perspective, the redesigned flywheel and large infeed chute have resulted in labour and time savings when it comes to processing large volumes of woody waste. “The more powerful pull-through means we can feed in material without having to sned it down first. It then chips whatever we feed in quickly and efficiently before throwing it out again cleanly. It is without doubt the most powerful machine we’ve used in terms of torque and bite.”

With its 165 mm chipping capacity, the EVO isn’t the largest machine in Craig’s fleet. However, it has been used on a range of projects both large and small.

Another factor that has kept Craig loyal is the backup support he has received from those in the GreenMech dealer network. “I’ve worked closely alongside Julian Cullis of GreenMech since way back when, who has always kept me abreast of new and future developments. We’re also fortunate to have Chipper Hire South West not too far away who have a fantastic fleet of GreenMech machines to hire if we need them. With the EVO, the support we received from our local dealer Powercut in Carmarthen has again been first class.

“For us independent companies,” Craig concluded, “our success depends on reliable and robust equipment that’s capable and working to its full capacity. The fact that the new EVO is a great machine is one thing, but the whole GreenMech ethos to support their users every step of the way is another to really be applauded.”

For more information, please contact 01789 400044 or visit



Forestry Journal:

KNOWN for superior chipping performance, robust construction and exceptional backup support, the Först 8 Series is a very popular machine across all sectors of arboriculture.

Formerly only available with the 45 hp Kubota diesel engine, the 8 Series is now available with the 57 hp Kubota petrol engine, and will shortly be available with the 55 hp Doosan DPF diesel, the new Stage 5 emission compliant power source. These two more powerful engine options turn the 8 Series from an exceptional chipper into an unstoppable workhorse.

Comprising the Först open-top flywheel weighing in at 140 kg, with 2 x 10” blades and large draught paddles on the rear of the disc, the 8 Series is uncompromising at chipping and clearing wet, green material as well as brash and timber up to 8” in diameter. The machine uses the FörstGrip feed roller system, known for its savage grip on timber and its ability to snap awkward limbs with ease.

The 8 Series is a quick and easy machine to service and maintain with just two over-centre catches giving access to the engine bay and two 19 mm bolts giving access to the chipping chamber and feed roller system. The machine is greased from one central grease bank making daily maintenance a quick and easy task.

The feed rollers are controlled by feed control buttons located on either side of the hopper. The robust waterproof and vibration-proof controls have recently been updated from the original Först feed system to give you two buttons on either side of the machine, one for feed and the other for reverse. The feed roller stop function is triggered by depressing the hopper stop bar. The new and improved system makes for a much better operator experience.

All Först products come as standard with a three-year warranty promise and can be purchased and hired direct from Först right across the UK. The product is supported by Först’s own depots and direct staff as well as a network of qualified engineers.

For more information visit or call 01264 721790.



Forestry Journal:

TREE care professionals, contractors and arborists seeking a compact yet powerful 12” capacity drum chipper aspire to an industry favourite, the Bandit 12XP. The model is built to perform and can handle large forked branches with ease thanks to its impressive 24” diameter chipping drum. The chipping drum features four knives that are mounted at 90-degree intervals, which provide a smooth chipping action and reduce overall vibration of the machine.

Bandit chippers are easier to feed, so you will be more productive during the day. Bandit’s unique slide box feed system and powerful 17” x 7.5” dual horizontal feed rollers crush and compress material, easily guiding it to the drum.

Bandit is known throughout the industry for packing trailers fuller, reducing the number of trips to the dump site. Bandit chippers feature smooth discharge transitions which eliminate restrictions and deep knife pockets which propel chips with tremendous force.

The most common maintenance items are easy to access on Bandit chippers, so daily maintenance is quick and simple. Double-sided bolt-in knives are easy to change through the drum access hood, and all service areas are conveniently located, including all grease points.

The 12XP drum turns at a lower RPM with greater torque compared to other competitors, and the synchronised feed system never underfeeds or forces material against the drum thanks to the Bandit Autofeed system. The result is a more efficiently fed chipper that reduces idle time and translates to fuel savings of up to 30 per cent.

The Bandit 12XP is available as a road-tow machine, or as a radio-controlled tracked machine.

If you would like to know more about the 12XP or any of the Bandit range, contact the sales office on 01476 568384.



Forestry Journal:

JENSEN has earned quite a reputation with its powerful and popular bestselling A540 chipper. With the environment in mind, that successful formula has been further developed to produce the A550 chipper which now combines even more power and capacity with lower emissions.

Quality German engineering has been a hallmark of Jensen machines ever since the company built its first woodchipper in 1884, and in the A550 those values are enhanced by the latest technology. Powered by a 27.7 kW Yanmar Stage V common rail diesel engine, the new Jensen benefits from a power hike over the 18.5 kW engine of the A540 while producing lower emissions. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) reduces pollutants even further.

Productivity is improved too, thanks to a larger infeed aperture and a more aggressive upper feed roller. With a 200 mm capacity, throughput has been increased from 15 m3 per hour to 18 m3 per hour.

Ease of use and maintenance has been a key factor in the design on the A550 and a completely redesigned engine cover tips out of the way to facilitate easy access to all the main components and wearing parts. A central greasing point and automatic V-belt tensioner keep maintenance to a minimum, while the power control system and ECS (electronic controlled sensor) infeed system make the machine simple and safe for the operator. The outlet chute is rotatable through 360 degrees for precise placement of clippings.

For durability the twin horizontal infeed rollers are made entirely of steel; they can be ground if required and their weight prevents the feed rollers from slipping on the bio material. The whole machine is built on a galvanised chassis.

Like every Jensen machine, the A550 is built precisely to the customer’s specification and carries a three-year warranty as standard, with a guarantee that spare parts will be kept available for a minimum of 10 years.

It is so new that the Jensen A550 isn’t yet on the Jensen UK 2020 price list, but it’s very much available to order now. For more details and the latest pricing, contact Jensen UK business manager Bill Johnston on 07850 384530 or 01264 811260. You can also request a demonstration by visiting

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