Safety is paramount when it comes to climbing equipment, with comfort coming in a close second. From ropes to harnesses, rigging systems and helmets, we take a look at some of the latest kit on the market.



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A compact and extremely versatile rigging system featuring a proprietary triple swivel design, the Camp Gyro swivelling anchor rotates at all three connection points which allows for countless possibilities of connection between different elements that need freedom of movement.

Just a few possibilities include self-orienting multi-anchoring, multiple connections to a harness, preventing twisting in Y lanyards, cross-hauling operations, Tyrolean traverses, and complex rescue procedures.

The innovative design also prevents the accumulation of dirt and makes inspection easy.

The main structure is carbon steel with a double corrosion-preventive coating. Swivel balls and attachment points are stainless steel.

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Weight: 155 g / 5.5 oz.

Working load limit: 3 kN. Minimum breaking strength: 26 kN.

Hole diameter 3 x ø16 mm.

ANSI Z359.12.

Includes three removable silicon anti-rotation inserts.

For more information, visit, contact 01373 475540 or email



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EDELRID has created one of the most versatile tree-care harnesses on the market. Wear comfort of the harness has been improved thanks to Edelrid’s unique 3D Vent technology, splitting the load-bearing webbing and spreading it out over the whole surface of the waist and leg loops. This provides excellent weight distribution and breathability, making the TreeRex one of the most comfortable harnesses of its kind.

The TreeRex also features two colour-coded rope bridges, providing a variety of configurations as well as an optional SRT bridge. A central anchor ring provides maximum freedom of movement.

The harness leaves nothing to be desired in equipment terms either. It has two lateral eyelets for attaching a lanyard, four rigid gear loops and various attachment points for gear carabiners on the waist belt.

The textile restraint eyelet, certified to EN 358, is suitable for suspending items such as a chainsaw, plus an innovative pull mechanism makes it quick and easy to access a first-aid kit in emergencies.

The TreeRex features Edelrid’s unique triple lock buckle on the waist belt and leg loops. The buckles are particularly safe as three motions are required to open them and, thanks to the large push buttons, can be opened when wearing gloves.

If you would like more information on the TreeRex, please visit or visit one of its UK stockists



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DESPITE its miniature size, the XSRE has all the features of its fully grown family. A clean nose stops your keys catching, I-Beam construction brings weight down to a minuscule 8 grams, and colour anodising means the XSRE stands out from the crowd. It even rates to 4 kN, more than strong enough for any non-PPE function you can think of.


Branded Honey Brothers DMM Vault locking and wire gate carabiners are recovered in anodised gold with a black back plate and a Honey Brothers logo etched on.

The Vault is a secure and durable tool holder that can be used on everything from harnesses and kit bags to vehicles. The two-part aluminium alloy Vault is secured using a stainless-steel bolt and is an ideal solution for gear storage, organisation, and transportation.

For more information, please visit, or contact 01483 561362



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SKYLOTEC has been making fall protection equipment since 1947 and is one of the leading manufacturers.

The popular top-quality harness for arborists is now available in the modern Ignite design. This workhorse among arborist harnesses scores with top robustness and sturdiness, even when heavy tools or equipment such as chainsaws are carried. Its construction features a special sliding bridge which allows it to be easily replaced as needed without the use of tools or additional screws. A simple threading technique and a wear indicator considerably reduce risk potential. By adding the additional Ignite arb top, the waist harness can be equipped as a complete harness and so certified to meet EN 361.

Available from selected arb stockists now.

Contact the distributor FR Jones and Son at Tel: 0208 6763010



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THE Akimbo is a unique arborist climbing tool that enables the climber to ascend, descend and position on both stationary rope and moving rope systems. The Akimbo features rope contact surfaces (upper and lower bollards) that adjust to accommodate a wide range of rope sizes to suit the climber’s needs or preferences – all without tools or disassembling components. The bollards can also be adjusted to increase or decrease friction to accommodate changes in climber weight, changes in environment, or adjust for natural wear of the Akimbo’s contact surfaces.

The Akimbo opens easily to remove or install a rope mid-line in seconds, and compresses back down into a compact form factor both on and off the rope. When climbing on stationary rope, the chest harness connection point facilitates quick connections by way of an innovative wire gate. As opposed to a closed loop attachment, the wire gate conveniently allows the climber to use a small non-PPE carabiner to connect to the SRS attachment point, or directly to a loop of cord.


Opens easily to install/remove rope mid-line, without detaching from harness.

Accepts a wide range of rope sizes.

Friction adjusts easily without tools.

Suitable for both SRS/SRT and MRS/DRT climbing methods.

SRS/SRT chest attachment wire gate provides quick connect/disconnect from cord or small carabiner.

Ascend, descend, and position in the canopy without changing equipment.

Lightweight and compact.

Gustharts is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor and retailer for the Rock Exotica Akimbo, and it can now also be purchased through accredited stockists such as Honey Brothers, Treekit, Buxtons, and Sorbus International.

For more information, visit, call 01670 789701, or email



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ESSENTIAL for working at height, helmets provide efficient and effective impact protection in the event of a fall or from a falling object. For Petzl, head protection represents more than simply wearing a helmet. The manufacturer works tirelessly so that professionals have comfortable helmets that fit well, as well as an entire range of accessories to address the needs of all professionals in any situation.

When you have to wear a helmet all day long on different jobs, perfect comfort and head fit are essential. That is why STRATO and VERTEX helmets all feature the CENTERFIT headband adjustment system for perfect centring, and the FLIP&FIT system that immediately positions the headband in a low position for a secure fit. In addition, the headband folds into the shell for easy storage and transport. In order to make the helmet even lighter, STRATO is designed with a hybrid construction liner: EPP (expanded polypropylene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene).

Professionals who work at height or on the ground understand that head protection goes well beyond simply wearing a helmet. This is why Petzl has developed a full line of modular accessories for you to customise your helmet for the specific needs of the task at hand, these include eye shields, face shields, name tag holders and neck protectors. These accessories are compatible with all Vertex and Strato helmets (vent, hi-viz…) and take just a few seconds to install. Petzl headlamps can also be easily mounted for performance lighting in dark locations.

Strato and Vertex helmets are available in several colours, in order to differentiate team members, and also come in a hi-viz version (fluorescent yellow or orange, phosphorescent clips, reflective bands on the shell), and also in a vent version (with ventilation holes that optimise airflow in the helmet).

For more information, visit or contact 015396 26400



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MARLOW Ropes has released a range of new ropes to the arb market. Their range of Blue Ocean products are made using their GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard) Blue Ocean yarn, which is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The UK rope manufacturer created the innovative range in line with its environmental objectives of introducing sustainable materials and working towards 100 per cent reliance on them by 2030. The range was created to highlight the issue of single-use plastics and help raise awareness of plastic waste and its detrimental effect on the planet.

Issues around the environment and sustainability are becoming increasingly more important and Marlow wants to provide their customers with rope options that address those concerns and inspire other manufacturers to act too! So far, the company has released three arboriculture ropes in the Blue Ocean range, with plans to expand this over the next few years.


The Blue Ocean Raptor is a lowering line made from 100% Blue Ocean yarn. Available in four different colour-coded diameters, this rope has the same properties and performance as traditional polyester lowering lines.


The Blue Ocean Gecko is their sustainable climbing rope with a 16-plait cover made from Blue Ocean yarn. Tested and CE certified in accordance with EN 1891, Blue Ocean Gecko can be easily spliced and now comes with a low-profile spliced eye.


Blue Ocean Boa is a hard-wearing 16-plait accessory cord, made from Marlow’s trademarked Blue Ocean yarn. This anti-kink construction means it is also suitable for use as a prussik and other friction hitches, offering easy knot tying and good grip.

For more information, visit:, contact 01323 444 444 or email




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THE Simarghu Fire has been designed specifically for arborists and is packed with unique features to give the wearer the very best in comfort, fit and flexibility.

The Simarghu brand represents cutting-edge design with superior materials that are rugged enough to withstand the tough environment demanded by the modern arborist, but practical and well-designed using experience from a world-class arborist.

The Fire harness can be adjusted to fit and offers additional levels of adjustability that sets the Fire apart from the rest of the field.

The Fire has been designed so that additional adjustments can be made to balance the bridge position, while further tweaking can perfect how your body weight is distributed in the harness (for instance, more on the back or more on the legs).

There are three bridge positions, aligning you forward, centrally or backwards, and the bridge also slides from side to side around the body to avoid harness twist. There are also numerous gear loops and attachment points.


Ergonomically designed back and leg pads with breathable open cells reducing heat and dissipating moisture.

Quick-clip buckles with assist release and easy adjustability.

Unique lower multi-ring design to give alternative bridge attachment points for superior load balancing – allowing up to three rope bridges.

Unique floating bridge allowing lateral movement without twisting harness on the body.

Accessory attachment points for all the equipment you will ever need.

Rear leg pad adjusters for optimum comfort, load and balance.

For more information, visit, contact 01228 591091 or email

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