Here we take a look at some of the latest technological advancements available to the arb sector. While the real work may happen on the ground (or up a tree), there is no doubt each of these tools can make a big difference to the arborist’s effectiveness.


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THE TreePlotter Software Suite sets the new standard for tree inventory, grounds maintenance, urban parks and asset management.

TreePlotter Software Suite offers the latest in web, mobile and GIS technologies in urban parks, forestry and arboriculture. Created by PlanIT Geo, an urban forestry software and consulting firm, TreePlotter was built by certified arborists and GIS experts. Its own planning consultants and field crews use TreePlotter daily. Clients and partners also contribute to innovative features and continual improvements to support a dynamic industry.

INVENTORY, JOBS, PARKS and CANOPY software products are map-based and enable data visualisation to better collect, manage, share and achieve urban-greening goals.

TreePlotter’s web-based platform allows API and WFS integrations, so it can be used exclusively or integrated with an existing technology stack. Data is held securely in the cloud locally in the UK.

The TreePlotter software platform offers an add-on module ‘Development Survey’ based on BS 5837, built specifically for consultants working on development sites. This gives all the tools they need to meet and exceed the requirements set out by BS 5837. This tool allows for the accurate mapping of tree canopies and root protection areas, and the import or export of CAD files, all while in the field.

The imported CAD files are visible as reference layers in the map. TreePlotter’s GIS-based, all-in-one software solution gives you the ability to plot any tree, hedgerow, group of trees or woodland that could be affected during the design, demolition or construction phase of any development. Communication and clarity are handled quickly and easily with the ability to import your data directly into reports within the TreePlotter platform, eliminating the hassle of back and forth to create accurate and engaging reports.

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ARBORTRACK Web continues to offer the total tree and vegetation management solution for organisations managing considerable numbers of trees.

As of November 2020, ARBORtrack has over 880 users worldwide. To keep this number of users satisfied, ARBORtrack Web continues to be upgraded on an almost monthly basis.

Two significant upgrades this year include:

• The contractors module now has what3words (w3w), which is arguably the simplest way to talk about any location, given that every 3-metre square in the world has been given a unique combination of three words. This ensures the contractor will always be within that distance of the tree they need to work on. As if that were not sufficient, the contractor can now also view a photo of the tree, thus ensuring works are always carried out on the correct tree.

• To assist the local authority environment, ARBORtrack has introduced the Web Feature Service (WFS), which gives a council the ability to include a live copy of trees directly from Arbortrack Web, displayed within their internal GIS, or to a public-facing service if required.

ARBORtrack has also now received Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

All tree data gathered within ARBORtrack Web can be comprehensively examined and the results provided in numerous formats, whether in lists or graphic tables. Trees can be highlighted in different colours to produce a visual appreciation of the trees within a single property, street, park, ward/parish, or the entire tree stock. This could be by physiological condition, age, risk, outstanding work, etc.

There is no need to worry about the numbers of trees that can be managed. Some organisations have individual responsibility for in excess of 500,000 trees, which ARBORtrack Web has proven its ability to manage.

ARBORtrack’s servers have been upgraded this year to ensure seamless communication between desktop and field-based operations. The field-based modules are further simplified by the use of surveyor or contractor applications focusing on the specific requirements of each of the disciplines.

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EZYTREEV is a tree, TPO and asset management system designed to build a fully comprehensive system specific for every customer’s own tree and asset management needs.

The system is fully customisable throughout all the modules and functionalities including conducting tree, TPO and asset surveys, risk calculations, work order scheduling and tracking, budgeting, contractor management and processing enquiries.

Digital mapping is used to identify the location of surveyed trees, TPOs and assets, and works with all major GIS mapping formats. The system is cloud-based and accessible from web and conventional interfaces on desktop and mobile. Android, Apple iOS and Windows are all supported for data collection, offering a good range of devices to choose from.

Even during these difficult times, ezytreev users are able to continue with their scheduled inspections, with data immediately being available in the office thanks to the use of its SmartSync technology. Anyone working in the field has full access to all trees/assets/TPOs and mapping at all times with or without an internet connection.

ezytreev can be integrated with several applications including clients’ CRM systems, an example of this being FixMyStreet. This integrated solution makes it easier for residents to report problems and for councils to manage the enquiries and provide a streamlined, consistent response to residents.

ezytreev offers instantly accessible support and training resources: ezyUserGuide with manuals, training notes, news and a community forum. Provision of bespoke online training is available to refresh your employees’ existing knowledge or introduce new users to the system.

ezytreev has been developed by RA Information Systems, a software and IT-providing firm with more than 30 years’ experience and more than 120 sites trusting Ezytreev. All the data is hosted, stored and backed-up in the UK, with data centres recently switched to 100 per cent renewable energy. A free demo app, Ezytreev Onsite, can be downloaded from the AppStore or Google Play. Online software demonstrations can be arranged on requirement.

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2EXCEL Geo operates a unique airborne survey capability for bespoke collection and analysis of treescapes across the UK. The airborne system provides an economically viable means of large area data collection for tree mapping and monitoring. The advanced hyperspectral imaging technology carried on the aircraft provides valuable information about the biochemical and structural properties of tree canopies.

Individual trees are mapped and delineated to provide the user with a base map to which further information about each tree can be attributed, such as crown dimensions or tree height.

Each tree can also be assessed for symptoms of stress and ill health through the analysis of the airborne hyperspectral imagery. This assessment utilises fundamental scientific principles regarding the interaction of light with the tree canopies to identify changes such as discolouration, thinning or defoliation of the canopy.

The health assessment can subsequently be used to assign a health score to each individual tree. This simple scoring system can be tailored to user requirements and used to provide an overview of tree stock vitality. The health scores can also be displayed spatially across large scales to provide an overview of tree vitality and highlight hot spots of poor health related to the occurrence of pests and diseases or unfavourable growing conditions.

The digital nature of the tree health map means it can be viewed in a range of geospatial software. In addition, the map can be integrated with other information that may inform risk management. For example, the proximity of unhealthy trees to key infrastructure such as power cables, roads or railways could also be considered to inform tree management decision-making.


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NEW to the market, Mapscape is cutting-edge tree survey software designed by professional surveyor David Winlo.

The owner of Urban Forestry Group, David conducts arboricultural surveys for businesses, architects, local authorities, and private individuals on a day-to-day basis across the north west of England and with connections to Aberdeen, where he went to university and worked as a tree surgery contractor.

Seeking a tree survey application that would record accurate tree survey data while being reliable and easy to use, he was dissatisfied with some he tried, so decided to develop his own.

Partnering with GiS Services in North Wales, he began work on Mapscape and, after a year of development and extensive field testing, it is now on the verge of commercial launch.

Mapscape’s key features include:

• No complicated set-up, as Mapscape comes ready to use following installation

• Designed for outdoor use, with a responsive tap screen and intuitive user interface

• Produces BS 5837 tree surveys with accurate tree canopy shapes and tree root protection [RPA] calculation functions

• Carries out preliminary tree risk assessments

• Exports your tree survey as a DXF site plan with the accompanying data exported to pre-formatted forms

• Exports your tree survey data to shareable and interactive cloud maps

• Comes with a selection of useful built-in UK-wide electronic maps

Underpinned by QGiS but with a bespoke interface written in Python code, Mapscape has been written with one thing in mind – the tree surveyor.

An extremely useful feature is the voice recognition speech-to-text capability, which significantly speeds up the recording of tree survey data.

Mapscape is a B2B application that is compatible with the latest sub-metre accurate mobile phones via Bluetooth for highly accurate tree placement.

Looking to the future, Mapscape is in the initial research and development phase for a tree planting user interface and a dedicated tree surgery tree works costing function.

Mapscape is keen to get feedback and, to get the ball rolling, is offering a 30-day free trial.

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