There are many things an arborist has to take into account when considering a top-handle chainsaw – visibility, weight, balance, manoeuvrability and ergonomics, to name but a few. With that in mind, this month’s Buyer’s Guide provides a snapshot of what’s available from some of the industry’s biggest brands.

MS 151 TC-E

Forestry Journal:

OFFERING high performance and extra power all at a low weight, Stihl’s MS 151 TC-E top-handle chainsaw is ideal for arborists performing deadwood removal and treetop reductions.

Launched in September 2019, the MS 151 TC-E model features a new version of Stihl’s 2-MIX engine, which increases the power of the saw by up to 10 per cent and provides a 15 per cent increase in torque when compared to its predecessor, the MS 150 TC-E. Additionally, fuel consumption and emissions have also been reduced.

Forestry Journal:

Despite the increase in performance, the MS 151 TC-E remains the same weight as the MS 150 TC-E at just 2.6 kg, ensuring professionals can benefit from the enhanced engine power, while keeping the overall system weight to a minimum.

Design upgrades made to the 2-MIX engine include a new piston with stepped base, cylinder and muffler. The chainsaw also features ErgoStart technology that enables effortless, reliable starting of the power tools, meaning professionals can be up and running in no time. Stihl’s anti-vibration system also ensures the tool is comfortable to use over extended periods of time.

For more information on Stihl’s MS 151 C-E and TC-E, as well as its range of top-handle chainsaws, please visit


T540I XP

Forestry Journal:

HUSQVARNA – one of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products – has a powerful range of professional battery-powered handheld chainsaws, which allows arborists to work in neighbourhoods and public places, without the worry of fumes and noise pollution.

Featuring in Husqvarna’s range is the T540i XP, which has been specifically designed with arborists in mind and is Husqvarna’s most powerful battery-powered top-handle chainsaw to date, providing a number of key features.

The T540i XP is a high-performance chainsaw that’s an ideal tool for professional tree care, offering a smooth operation with a high chain speed. The chainsaw is fitted with a BLi200X battery to provide 36 voltage, with equivalent power to a 40 cc pro petrol saw, to ensure excellent cutting performance.

Developed to maximise performance in the most demanding conditions without compromise, the T540i XP has an excellent centre of gravity for great balance, a low noise level to boost productivity in noise-sensitive areas, and is weatherproof to ensure the machine is a reliable tool that can be used all year round in all weather conditions.

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Additional features include a hand guard design which allows an unobstructed view to ensure precise cutting, a sturdy point for fastening a rope to allow the saw to be hoisted up into a tree, and a battery which fits into each of the Husqvarna Battery 500 Series line-up range, allowing professionals to quickly switch the same battery between different product applications, boosting productivity.

With the option to download the Husqvarna Connect app from the App Store or Google Play, arborists can access helpful tips, manuals and spare part recommendations. The app also provides additional information, making it easy to keep track of runtime, charging status, maintenance and service needs of the T540i XP.

• Weight (excl. battery and cutting equipment) 2.5 kg.

• Price RRP: £589.00 inc. VAT.

For more information, visit


Forestry Journal:

BOASTING an uncompromising and unbeatable combination of power, torque and chain speed, EGO, the specialists in battery-powered outdoor equipment, has launched its first ever top-handle chainsaw, to meet the needs of professional arborists.

Promising best-in-class performance while further enhancing the company’s professional range, EGO’s new chainsaw features a 30 cm blade, together with a 20 m/s chain speed, and has been designed from the ground up with professional users in mind.

The tool itself makes light work of everyday tree care tasks; all while being driven by EGO’s new lightweight, reduced profile 4 Ah battery which is able to deliver 186 cuts on a single charge.

To improve usability, the chainsaw’s battery is mounted on the accompanying holster, rather than on the tool itself. Taking weight off the tool, this improves ergonomics and optimises its power-to-weight ratio for reliable and safe performance, all without the need for any additional cords, with the power cable intelligently integrated directly into the safety strop.

Forestry Journal:

While its lightweight and ergonomic design improves safety when working at height, a unique chain-brake system combines mechanical and electronic technology to reduce risk of injury in the event of kickback.

Ensuring the first ever top-handle chainsaw from EGO meets the demands of professionals, the support of expert arborists was enlisted during its development and testing. As a result, users can be sure of the tool’s ability to perform in the most demanding environments, while features such as indicators for battery and oil levels alert users when a re-charge or top-up is required.

Powered by EGO’s Arc lithium 56 V battery technology, the 4 Ah battery provides optimum performance, while the tool’s brushless motor is quiet, smooth and free of emissions. With a fast charger (included with the kit), operators can rely on equipment being ready when they are.

The first top-handle chainsaw from EGO is available as a bare tool (RRP: £429) and as a kit, complete with 4 Ah battery and fast charger (RRP: £599).

For more information, visit


Forestry Journal:

MAKITA UK has a wealth of experience in the cordless garden machinery sector, delivering high performance, durable machines that professionals can truly rely on. For example, the LXT top-handle cordless chainsaws have been designed with improved user experience in mind.

With a battery-powered design, operators do not have to worry about the safe use and transportation of fuel, making the chainsaws a safer and more environmentally friendly solution – plus, cordless models are quieter and more lightweight.

The DUC306Z, DUC256Z and DUC256CZ Makita Twin 18 V top-handle chainsaws are powered by two 18 V lithium-ion LXT batteries, that work in series to supply energy to the powerful 36 V DC motor drive system – which equates to excellent cutting performance equivalent to a 30 cc class engine chainsaw. They are available as body-only machines (DUC306Z, DUC256Z and DUC256CZ) or with either 5 Ah batteries (DUC306PT2 and DUC256PT2) or 6 Ah batteries (DUC306PG2 and DUC256PG2) depending on user preference.

Forestry Journal:

As with all LXT machines, the DUC306Z, DUC256Z and DUC256CZ benefit from industry-leading runtimes and charge times, improving on-site efficiency. Makita’s 18 V lithium-ion batteries can charge in as little as 22 minutes (for 3.0 Ah batteries), up to 55 minutes (for 6.0 Ah batteries). This is made possible by Makita’s optimised charging process, whereby the LXT batteries are able to communicate with the charger.

Using CPU, the charger can identify any issues with the battery, such as overload, overdischarge or overheating. The charger can then rectify any issues, such as cooling the battery before charging takes place to avoid damage and speed up the process.

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The DUC306Z, DUC256Z and DUC256CZ also benefit from the inclusion of the BL brushless motor. As there are no brushes within the motor causing friction, no energy is lost through heat production, extending runtimes further. This also means wear and tear and the need for replacement parts are reduced. 

What’s more, the DUC306Z, DUC256Z and DUC256CZ offer torque boost mode, which raises the current limit temporarily for faster cutting, and enables the user to cut larger diameter branches and hard wood effortlessly.

To find out more about Makita and its products, visit



Forestry Journal:

FEAST your eyes on the new DCS-2500T, the first battery-powered top-handle chainsaw from Echo. Here is an electric saw to meet the needs of the arborist and tree care professionals who use top-handle chainsaws daily for pruning and arboriculture. Don’t let the light weight (dry weight 1.6 kg) deceive you, this machine packs professional power with exceptional acceleration. In fact, the 50 V lithium-ion battery generates power and cutting performance equivalent to Echo’s bestselling CS-2511TES petrol chainsaw; and it does it with low vibration and without the noise and emissions, making it perfect for use in noise-sensitive areas. Well balanced and ergonomically designed for manoeuvrability and precision, the DCS-2500T is the latest addition to Echo’s 50 V battery series and is part of its X Series of best-in-class products.

The DCS-2500T is packed full of beneficial user-friendly features to complement its power and near noiseless operation. Users will find the patented Quick Draw harness ring a real boon for hooking and unhooking the chainsaw in one movement. There’s a drop-prevention lanyard hook for off-ground safety and this is a truly easy-to-operate machine with an anti-slip handle grip and patented thumb rest adding to operator comfort. There’s a side-access chain tensioner to allow quick chain adjustments. The driving force, the brushless motor, will ensure long-lasting maintenance-free operation, while the casing has an IPX4 rating for water resistance so the chainsaw is showerproof for protection against the elements. The all-important oil adjustment is situated on the top of the saw so it’s easily adjusted, while filling is equally simple with the flip-lever cap opening. Last but not least is the internal air filter which prevents dust from entering the main board and motor.

Qualified top-handle arborists and tree surgeons looking for ultimate power with quiet, low vibration and emissions-free professional-grade performance will find Echo’s DCS-2500T just the ticket for everyday use.

Visit or call 01844 278800 for more information.

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