Theft is an issue that continues to plague the forestry industry, with costly consequences. Here, we take a look at some of the innovative solutions available on the market to help secure your site and equipment, as well as recover stolen goods.


Forestry Journal: EQUIPMENT theft continues to be a serious issue for all items used across the forestry industry. From utility vehicles to handheld tools, all of these invaluable items can be protected with Datatag technology.

Datatag products are designed to create a unique identity that makes it easier for police to identify. It also acts as a warning to thieves that the item is protected. A range of visible and hidden technology is fitted to your pieces of equipment to mark them with their unique identity. This information is then registered to the Datatag secure database, which is accessible by the police 365 days a year, 24/7.

Handheld tools and chainsaws can be self-fitted with a Datatag system, which can be purchased through the Datatag webshop (

The system contains all of the technology required to mark up to 10 tools and includes signs to warn thieves that Datatag is fitted. The system includes free registration to the Datatag database for the one-off kit fee of £99.

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Datatag also provides the technology behind the CESAR scheme, which is the official construction and agricultural equipment security and registration scheme. This product range is used to protect larger machinery including tractors and utility terrain vehicles (UTV).

The CESAR scheme has an inimitable triangular plate that is fitted clearly on the machine showing the unique identification number for all to read alongside the hidden technology. CESAR systems must be fitted by an authorised installer.

For more information, visit, call +44 (0)3450 700 440 or email For more on the CESAR scheme, visit


Forestry Journal:

AMI Group is fighting the battle against theft with innovative solutions, including ways to prevent theft and also ways to recover assets should they be stolen.

Working closely with its customers, AMI Group has been able to produce and develop products which streamline day-to-day activities within a company with the best in theft prevention and battery technology.

The range of solutions supplied by AMI Group includes AT, VT and Asset+, all of which offer unique features to the market, and all utilise a range of technologies to relay relevant data to its Nexis online platform and mobile apps.

The AT range are battery-operated solutions which can be installed onto various assets including those that have no power, predominantly used as an after-theft recovery solution.

The VT range is AMI’s asset management solution which allows for live monitoring, speed, journey history and utilisation, along with immobilisation features including scheduled immobilisation and immobilisation via keypad.

The Asset+ is the UK’s first hybrid solution, providing all features and benefits of both the AT and VT devices in one solution, accelerated further when keypad immobilisation is included.

Asset+ Keypad is AMI Group’s most in-demand solution that has set new records with its customers, who have reported a decline in theft across the UK since having the solution fitted.

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Forestry Journal:

IN 2020, the cost of theft and vandalism to the UK forestry and construction industries was at least £800,000,000. Considering that many of these crimes still go unreported, the real cost is likely to be much higher. So, why take the risk with your valuable time and assets? Especially when Trackit247 offers such an accurate, low-cost range of tracking solutions, with a low monthly cost and no contracts.

Forestry Journal:

Ti-100 – low-cost, easy-install, live GPS tracker

This compact, easy-to-install device packs a punch. With a weight of just 63 grams, it offers highly sought-after security features such as geo-fences and motion and power level alerts, for Trackit247’s lowest price. Simply connect the two wires to the corresponding positive and negative feeds, and you are ready to track. With an IP67-rated casing, you can rest assured that your tracking experience will not be hindered by the unpredictable UK elements. The Ti-100 can track live, down to every 30 seconds.

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Forestry Journal:

Ti-204 – advanced live GPS tracker with immobilisation options

Offering the same essential security features as the Ti-100, this tracking device is Trackit247’s more sophisticated unit. As well as the security features mentioned above, this device also offers a remote immobilisation feature when connected to your vehicle/equipment’s fuel pump or ignition feed. At the touch of a button on any PC or the Trackit247 mobile app, you can render your vehicles and equipment inoperable to opportunistic thieves. If you prefer, a timed immobilisation feature is available at an extra cost, which automatically immobilises your assets outside of your requested set hours. Weighing 205 grams, the Ti-204 can track live, down to every 30 seconds. It offers up to eight hours’ internal backup battery.

Forestry Journal:

TG7 and TG9 – ultra-long-life, battery-operated tracker

These ultra-long-life devices are perfect for equipment which does not require battery power monitoring or immobilisation, but they still offer the motion alert feature. These devices bolt or stick on to your equipment, with an internal battery life of 3/5 years (dependent on usage/tracking frequency). IP69K-rated, these devices can withstand high pressure from jet-washing and extreme temperatures (-20°C to +85°C).

Trackit247 owner Sanjay Mistry commented: “Sales for tracking solutions for the forestry industry have risen dramatically in recent years. Theft and vandalism figures have increased significantly while many businesses have been closed during the recent pandemic, and are not likely to drop by much once the UK’s restrictions are relaxed.

“By investing in a powerful, live-tracking solution, recovery time for stolen assets can be reduced considerably, with minimal disruption and cost to your business.

“Our GPS satellite-based tracking devices offer advanced security features, including custom geo-fences, motion alerts, and power alerts which monitor the power levels of the vehicle rather than the tracker’s internal battery – saving you from unnecessary call-outs.”

Engineering company Structural Soils testified: “The technology has helped Structural Soils track its vehicles and site equipment wherever it is in the UK and has improved visibility of its fleet of vehicles. The trackers have enabled the recovery of two trailers after a theft, so they’ve paid for themselves!”

Multi-tracker discounts available. Get 10% off your order with code: FORESTRYJOURNAL2021.

If you would like a demo, please call the Trackit247 office on 01923 608 647 to speak to a member of the team. Trackit247 is also on Facebook (@trackit247), Twitter (@trackit247), LinkedIn (trackit247-ltd) and Instagram (trackit247).


Forestry Journal:

RURAL locations with no mains power or Wi-Fi leave forestry workers with few options for the security of their valuable tools and equipment: either in their shed, on site or in the van.

The uWatch Cube is a versatile, portable and instantly deployable security device with police ‘Secured by Design’ approval. The Cube is also approved with Trade Direct Insurance, allowing customers to get a discount. It is three AA lithium battery or mains powered using a standard 5 V USB and includes a roaming SIM for the UK and Europe, including a full 12-month SIM contract, with unlimited data.

uWatch has been developing the Cube to integrate LoRa (long range) technology to replace Bluetooth. The Cube connects with shock tags at a 2 km distance rather than 20 metres with Bluetooth. LoRa also communicates through buildings and so it doesn’t require a clear line of sight. The shock tags connected to the Cube can be spread out over a large distance (on farm gates, barn doors, tractors, etc) and if a tag is moved i.e. the gate is opened, an alert is sent via the Cube to the owner.

The night-time IR camera, PIR motion, shock and temperature sensors, GPS tracking, internal clock, sounder and Bluetooth/LoRa can all be remotely configured from a smartphone or computer. The roaming SIM will connect to EE, Vodafone or O2 and display this on the screen.

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A magnetic or screwed articulated mount allows the Cube to be quickly installed on a fence or inside a van with an optional full-weather or indoor enclosure. For metal sheds or storage containers (Faraday cages) there is a version that has a small 40 mm x 15 mm external antenna which can be installed in minutes.

This is a versatile bit of kit which costs approximately the same amount as replacing the door locks on your van after an attempted break-in, so why wait until you are a victim? Take responsibility for the security of your possessions with the uWatch system and apps.

uWatch has developed a series of registers in the fight against organised crime – the Tool Register, the Tack Register and most recently, the Pet Register. The apps make your valuable items too hot to handle and provide an empowering system to protect livelihoods.

For more information, visit Want to know more or be involved in a trial? Give the team a call on 01491 651229.



Forestry Journal:

SECURITY in forestry locations can be challenging and even more so when the site is a temporary location and/or where there is no mains power available. Good site security is now an essential need and security cameras are a key component.

An ideal camera solution should be portable, easy to set up and operate, require little technical know-how and be low power. The Novetic Blackeye camera is a standout solution requiring little startup with an unrivalled number plate mode.

The typical low-cost solution is to use trail cam-type products. While these have a great price/performance ratio, they struggle at night and specifically cannot reliably capture images of vehicle number plates with the headlights shining at the camera. Research suggests most vandalism and theft is by offenders with vehicles. Often, they obscure their faces but do not consider the vehicle. Night-time images of number plates from Novetic cameras have led to a number of convictions.

Novetic provides cameras that are easy to set up and easy to relocate. Our cameras require no wired-in power, and are self-contained, simple to operate and quickly redeployed. This portable solution can be used time and time again for a wide variety of uses across a wide area. For example, for rapidly relocating sites, to monitor multiple sites on a rotational basis and to address nuisance issues like fly-tipping or vandalism.

The Blackeye camera’s small size means it is easily attached to trees, posts, flat surfaces or hidden covertly in undergrowth, and infra-red illumination for night-time use is invisible to the human eye. The camera has built-in software which, once connected to a computer, allows the user to review footage without specialist software. Footage of interest can be quickly identified, stored and the camera redeployed.

Another common issue is equipment power. Generators and solar panels have their place, but each have issues (size, fragility, noise, and ease of set-up and relocation). Novetic provides small, lightweight, waterproof and ruggedised rechargeable batteries that can be customised to your capacity requirement, so a camera can operate for weeks at a time.

Finding security solutions can be a bewildering process. Novetic offers consultancy services as well as bespoke solutions. For outdoor, self-contained, night-and-day endurance cameras with number plate capture mode, the Novetic Blackeye is a versatile portable solution specifically designed for remote use.

For further information, visit or email


Forestry Journal:

PID Systems is a national company offering a range of innovative and unique security solutions which can be tailored to suit the specifications of its client.

Its flagship product is the static VideoGuard (Dalek) which is a mobile, battery-operated armoured solution detecting movement from 15 metres away.

The VideoGuard is a rapid deployment unit using a fully encrypted IoT visually verified operating system. These units work remotely, communicating via the mobile networks with a built-in battery life of up to 4 years. The units work autonomously or can be networked, enabling highly tailored security coverage for any size of site.

VideoGuards can be placed strategically around assets on site and upon detection of movement will feed this information back to PID Systems’ 24-hour ARC Monitoring Centre, comprised of knowledgeable, SIA-trained ex-police staff, who will inform the client’s keyholder of the intrusion, and if deemed necessary, will call the emergency services.

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In addition, following PID’s acquisition by the estimable SmartWater Group, clients can add a further layer of protection to their site by utilising patented SmartWater forensic marking technology to make items of tool and plant traceable back to the owner, following a theft. When used in tandem, PID Systems and SmartWater offer a powerful and unique deterrent against crime and vandalism.

PID Systems currently secures over 1,600 live sites with a 91 per cent customer return rate. Its clients include those within forestry, construction, housebuilding, civil engineering, and retail.

John Proudlock, forestry manager at Fountains Forestry, described his positive experience with PID Systems: “Their professional, responsive approach with the rapid deployment of a high-quality, robust system has provided a reduction to near zero of all incidents of theft or vandalism on operational sites.”

PID’s continued success is supported by ensuring exceptional levels of customer service, with rapid lead times and expert security surveyors in your geographical area on hand to ensure that your site is fully secured.

For more information, please contact 0800 141 2543, email, or visit



Forestry Journal:

FOR many land managers and businesses operating across the forestry industry, security is a major concern. It is clear the sector is firmly in the crosshairs of criminal gangs, opportunist thieves and vandals.

According to a Home Office report published in 2019, the crime rate against the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors was estimated at 870 crimes per 1,000 premises. Vandalism and burglary were recorded as the most common crimes at 34 per cent and 22 per cent respectively.

NFU Mutual revealed that rural crime in the UK cost £54.3 million in 2019. This was an increase of 9 per cent on the previous year, making it the highest cost recorded in eight years.

The insurer reported a 26 per cent increase in agricultural vehicle thefts, costing a whopping £9.3 million, and £3.2 million for quads and ATVs. Fuel theft from rural businesses is rife too, with the Countryside Alliance citing this as the eighth most likely target for criminals.

These staggering crime figures show just how vulnerable businesses can be to unscrupulous criminals. Now is a good time for businesses to rethink the effectiveness of their security, particularly when it comes to burglar alarms and outdoor security measures like lighting and CCTV.

When combined with adequate lighting, PIR detectors and audio equipment, remotely monitored CCTV protection can be an invaluable layer of deterrence and defence.

Remote monitoring is a cost-effective security solution that protects your business, assets and people from criminal and environmental damage.

With your alarm and CCTV security system connected to Farsight’s state-of the-art central monitoring station via the internet, if an intruder, fire or other unusual activity is detected by your security system, an alarm is sent to the remote monitoring station.

At Farsight, our operators answer alarms faster than the industry average. Our operators investigate the cause of the alarm and if suspicious activity is spotted, the operator will take immediate action.

They will notify the emergency services and call the keyholder for your site. As the operator has visually verified the alarm, there will be added credibility to the call for a faster emergency response.

Remote monitoring can save you thousands of pounds in potential losses via theft, criminal damage and fire. It ensures your security systems are an investment worth making.

Visit to find out more about its remote security monitoring services. Get in touch by calling 0845 371 0101 or emailing

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