There are some jobs where only a heavy-duty chipper will do. Here we take a look at a few of the top 750+ kg models currently on the market.



Forestry Journal:

THE Heizohack HM6-300VM road-towable chipper has a 30 cm (12 inch) capacity and produces exceptionally high quality G30 or G50 biomass fuel, depending on which sieve is inserted to grade the woodchip produced.

With its own 70 hp CAT diesel engine, it has the power to chip 12-inch diameter logs effortlessly, and with a 500 mm wide infeed aperture, it handles forked branches and brash with ease.

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Weighing in at 3.5 tonnes, the HM6-300VM is an incredibly well-built machine on an Alko tandem axle chassis, with height adjustable drawbar up to a maximum of 91 cm. Other features making the HM6-300VM one of the premium road-towable chippers available on the market today include: it is built on a 270-degree rotatable turntable so that the infeed hopper can be positioned to feed in from multiple directions, meaning that roadside work can be loaded from the safety of the pavement or hard shoulder; it has electrically adjustable rotation on the discharge chute and electrically adjustable discharge flap.

Forestry Journal:

Fuelwood also offers the full Heizohack range of PTO driven woodchippers, the smallest capable of taking a 12-inch log. The PTO range runs from the hand-fed HM4-300, needing 60 hp or more to chip up to two tonnes of timber per hour, through to the HM14-860KT crane-fed chipper needing 350+ hp to process in excess of 50 tonnes per hour. All models of chipper can be demonstrated by Fuelwood. There are two sizes of truck chipper, the HM10-860KL and the HM14-860KL, both of which are available for demo from Fuelwood. Having a large range of demonstrator machines also means that the level of service and support that Fuelwood can offer is exceptional.

For more information visit the website at or call 01926 484673.

For more information on the HM6-300VM machine or any of the PTO driven or lorry chippers, please call Fuelwood, the UK Heizohack importer and agent, on 01926 484673.


EVO 205D

Forestry Journal:

HAVING cemented its position in the 6” market with the EVO 165 series, GreenMech is introducing its ‘big brother’ in the shape of the 8” EVO 205D, which promises to set the new standard for large capacity woodchippers. Extending the EVO concept of more powerful bite, torque and throughput, the 205D delivers even greater performance to tackle the biggest tasks with reliability and ease.

At the heart of the 205D’s design is a Stage V compliant 50 hp Kubota diesel engine which can process up to 25 cubic metres of material per hour, making it one of the most productive machines in its category.

GreenMech’s new ‘Smart Sense’ controller provides ‘no-stress’ overload protection and automatic load detection to ensure optimised performance and fuel consumption. A new, generous infeed hopper measuring 1250 mm x 700 mm allows for the free flow of bulky brash and timber, gathered and gripped by the twin horizontal hydraulic rollers and fed to the heavy, six disc-blade flywheel, which offers unparalleled processing power.

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Strength and durability in construction are provided by the deep beam, high-tensile steel chassis, together with an all-steel hinged and lined bonnet which not only offers all-important protection to the engine but makes the EVO one of the quietest chippers on the market. All major grease points have also been centralised on the EVO series to make the ongoing maintenance of the machine quick and convenient. Available at launch in road-tow format, SAFE-Trak and SURE-Trak versions of the EVO 205D are due to follow later in the year as replacements for the legendary 19-28 models.

As standard, the EVO 205D comes with GreenMech’s disc-blade chipping technology, a three-year, no-quibble parts and labour warranty and the unrivalled support of their nationwide dealer network.

For more information, please contact 01789 400044 or visit


Forestry Journal:

THE introduction of the new Först 8D Series aims to bring Stage V compliant diesel engine technology to the woodchipper industry with more power and performance than ever before. Hosting a 55 hp Doosan diesel engine, the 8D is 10 hp up on the previous model and raises the bar again in the 8” woodchipper category. The original Först 8 Series quickly became an industry favourite for its fast, aggressive performance, robust build quality and exceptional simplicity. It has become the bestselling 8” woodchipper in the UK and Europe.

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The 8D Series builds on that heritage and signals the way into the future offering greater power and productivity. An 8” x 10” capacity woodchipper, it comes with the standard Forst performance features you would expect, including FörstGrip feed rollers, offering unmatched crushing power, the Open Flywheel system and AutoIntelligence stress control. Boasting 55 hp, there is a huge amount of torque and phenomenal power delivering more chipping speed and efficiency to make light work of any type of timber and brash up to 8” in diameter.

Forestry Journal:

With wheeled and tracked models, the machine weighs in at 1450 kg for the ST8D, 1600 kg for the TR8D and 2250 kg for the XR8D. The road-going version is easily towed with heavy-duty running gear, fully braked chassis and handbrake. There is no doubting the robust construction of the 8D Series, featuring strengthening supports and gussets in the areas that take the most abuse, with all-steel panels, large ‘C’ section and oversized bearings throughout.

Designed and built in the UK, Först can now claim to be Europe’s largest woodchipper manufacturer and is available to buy direct from Först headquarters in Andover, Hampshire.

Först provides a service network of its own people and approved service partners across the UK, which means service support for your Först chipper is never far away.

For more information visit or call 01264 721790.



Forestry Journal:

NEW to the range offered by Ufkes Greentec is the Greentec Jaguar 40 drum shredder as an 80 km/h road-towable version. This strong machine is equipped with the latest Stage V 140 hp Doosan engine. With a weight of just over 3000 kg it stays a compact machine. This chipper is also equipped as standard with a combi infeed table, which can be fed by hand or by crane. The large 40 cm top roller is driven by a heavy-duty Poclain wheel motor and easily pulls in all the material.

The functions of the shredder can be controlled both manually and by remote control: spreading flap up/down; rotate the pipe in/out; open the top roller or extra pressure down; engine speed up/down. All functions can be operated hydraulically. The machine has hydraulic stabilisers at the front and rear.

Forestry Journal:

The new Jaguar 40 is easily accessible for servicing. For example, the screen units are simple to change, as are the quick-change knives. These knives are easily accessible under a hinged flap on top of the machine. The drum is easily secured for changing knives. The counter knife is adjustable and can be used four times. Discharge chute, bottom between feed roller, counter knife and bottom under the drum are equipped with replaceable wear plates made of wear-resistant Hardox steel.

The Jaguar 40 is not only available as a <3500 kg shredder, but also as 4500 and 6500 kg machines. Various options such as a closed feed chain, crane feed only, and different wood cranes are possible.

For more information about Ufkes Greentec machines, call Mark on 07977098432 or visit or


TW 280

Forestry Journal:

WOODCHIPPER manufacturer Timberwolf is renowned for offering customers an exceptional range of machines, built using over 30 years of industry experience and engineering excellence.

Designed to tackle the toughest jobs, the Timberwolf 8” range of tracked and road-towable Stage V compliant chippers feature the widest infeed aperture in its class (280 mm x 210 mm) which combines with an extra-wide feed funnel and the in-feed roller’s huge crushing strength to help arborists complete their work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

All Timberwolf machines are designed with the operator in mind and the TW 280 range is no different. Whether it is the additional safety controls, such as the reverse feed rollers overriding the stop bar, or the carefully positioned air filter intakes to draw in cool, dust-free air, these 8-inch machines deliver premium performance and strength to exceed the demands of the modern-day arborist.

The TW 280VGTR is a powerhouse 8-inch capacity chipper with the strength to complete the toughest of jobs in the most remote locations.

With safety and ergonomics at its heart, the TW 280VGTR features the innovative WolfTrack variable gradient tracking system. Using heavy-duty twin arms to support each of the wide, smooth running tracks, the operator has dynamic control over track width, ground clearance and machine tilt angle providing greater control and comfort, particularly while navigating uneven and sloping ground up to 30 degrees.

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If you’re looking for the ground covering performance and outstanding efficiency, the TW 280FTR fixed tracked chipper will get in and get the job done quickly. The WolfTrack fixed track, dual speed tracking system has a low speed gear to negotiate difficult terrain and a higher speed gear to cover distance efficiently. The comfort of the operator is assured with conveniently mounted dual position electronic engine throttle controls and a low vibration, ergonomically designed operator platform.

The TW 280FTR has a ground clearance of 245 mm to tackle uneven surfaces and its wide, smooth running tracks and low centre of gravity enhance stability on different gradients. In short, this machine will get you there safely and fast.

Built to tackle the toughest of jobs with minimal maintenance, the TW 280PHB is a strong and powerful road-tow chipper engineered to help larger team crews process timber and brashy material quickly and efficiently.

All Timberwolf chippers come with a three-year no-nonsense warranty as standard, which also covers the engine. Furthermore, Timberwolf offers the option to increase the warranty to an industry-leading five years for absolute peace of mind.

Every Timberwolf owner has access to over 250 Timberwolf trained technicians and a network of 34 dealer depots across the UK, ready to offer expert advice as well as spares and technical support.

To arrange a demonstration of the new Stage V compliant range of Timberwolf chippers, visit

For more information about Timberwolf visit or follow @MyTimberwolf on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Forestry Journal:

VERMEER UK is pleased to be able to supply Vermeer chippers – now made in Europe!

Equipped with the Kubota WG1605 57 hp petrol engine, the new 2021 Vermeer BC200 is a powerful and reliable 8” chipper. With Stage V emissions regulations, diesel-powered engines are getting more expensive and complicated. The BC200 petrol engine delivers a welcome simplicity and efficiency to operators. The BC200 complies to EN 13525:2020 safety requirements specifically for forestry machinery.

This is a clutchless machine with easy start-up. The wide letterbox-style opening allows efficient feeding of material with side branches and helps reduce the need to pre-cut material. Large-diameter feed rollers combined with 390 kg of clamping force allow densely branched material to be pulled in efficiently. The offset lower roller helps enhance the feeding of very short pieces and provides maximised grip on awkwardly shaped material. This reduces labour intensiveness and maximises productivity.

Forestry Journal:

The BC200 is designed with the emphasis on weight, fuel saving, ease of use and quiet city operation. It is fitted to a robust chassis for durability on UK roads. The SMARTFEED Anti-Stress System allows the BC200 to chip smoothly and the Eco-ldle engine control system boosts fuel efficiency whilst reducing jobsite noise.

The BC200 has an increased standard Vermeer manufacturer’s three-year warranty. If you are in the market for a new chipper, then contact Vermeer UK to ask about a demonstration.

Call 01933 274400 or 07879600050 (out of hours), email or visit the website at

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