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essentialARB this month (Issue 69)...

Raising the standards

Being a lady in the arb business is still unusual. But for Alison Lovejoy it’s simply a pleasure.

She explains, “I like dealing with clients and I’m told they like dealing with me. They just say they find it easier to talk to a woman. One example came up recently where there was an elderly client with a problem and I thought it was just best to go out there and see her and put her mind at more

Tree nurseries and climate change

Keith Sacre of Barcham Trees spent a week in October last year attending the lanscape below ground conference at the Morton Arboretum in Illonois, USA.

The conference was a great success, including a frequently-repeated joke amongst the locals: ‘We are OK: we don’t have climate change.’ This was obviously all ‘tongue in cheek’, referring to their current president’s denial that such a thing even more

Lets get rigging

The series will start off with some of the basics before delving into some deeper topics, but I will warn you that there may well be some maths involved as we go along!

Rigging may not be the quickest way to get a tree dismantled but it is surely one of the most controlled and safest(?) ways of accomplishing the more

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