FORESTRY Expo sponsor Clark Engineering had a prime position in the middle of the harvesting area, at which a broad variety of products were put on display for visitors.

For the long-standing forestry engineering company, it was a fantastic opportunity to get its new 2019 catalogue into as many hands as possible and highlight its most popular tools to customers.

These included the Cranab FC45 crane and Cranab CR200 grapple, the ExTe timber bunk range and TU auto tensioner, and the new Powerhand GN heavy-duty excavator grapple.

Among the new products drawing the attention of visitors were the new XR Series high-torque rotators from Indexator, available to view in both swing-mount and rigid-mount applications.

The new Clark Side-winder tensioner was on display, with reps explaining how its versatile design and simple application make it an excellent tool for all tracks on the market. The Side-winder can be positioned on the inside or the outside of the tracks, making it good for fitting next to the cab on front tracks and, at 300 Nm of torque, exerts over two tonnes of pulling force.

Also of interest to the crowds at Clark’s stand was the new Tamtron One Timber Scale and the Markusson Sensomatic, the latest chain grinder from the range offered by Markusson Professional Grinders AB.

Numerous stands across the event featured Clark products on their machines, such as the ExTe bolsters installed by JD Engineering on one of its trucks.

However, according to Murray Clark, son of managing director Douglas Clark and the company’s new marketing manager, one of the biggest talking points of the show was a product no one was expecting to cause such a stir. The Timber Shelter, a welfare unit constructed by Clark Engineering and kitted out by John Deere, is a new solution designed to meet legal requirements for on-site welfare provision.

The example at John Deere’s stand, painted blue and bearing Iggesund branding, boasted light, heating, power for food preparation, seating, storage and a WC. Judging by the level of interest on the day, it might just be enough to persuade machine operators to leave their cabs.

MD Douglas Clark commented: "The Forestry Expo for Clark Engineering was a great success. The two days were filled by meeting a very concentrated group of great people involved in the forestry industry and showcasing our new products.

"It has been brilliant being part of such a unique event seen nowhere else in the world right from the beginning and we look forward to continuing our support in years to come."