SWEDISH harvester bar manufacturer Iggesund Forest used Forestry Expo Scotland to showcase the latest addition to its product offering – the XL saw bar.

With a body 10 mm wider than the standard, the XL has been designed to reduce flex, and features a nose sprocket with specially hardened shims, aimed at minimising the risk of breakdown.

“There is less flex so you’re getting fewer breaking bars because sometimes you get the bar coming back and hitting the saw log or hitting the saw box,” Iain Lawrence, export sales manager, explained. “Generally, our bars have a wider body anyway, so you don’t get the same flex in the bars as you might with a competing product. We had been asked for something a bit more substantial, so we produced the XL bar on a limited range.”

Iain added: “We’re trying to promote the benefits of our product to the marketplace. We have a different design from the competitors. We wanted to be here because we’re a global player. We export all over the world and we’ve got subsidiaries all over the world, so we just want to get the name out there.”