AGRICULTURAL manufacturer and supplier Teagle had a number of models on show including the ECF forestry mulcher, the EFX forestry mulcher and the TBM/SB forestry mulcher.

The ECF range features a cage rotor with 360-degree swinging hammer flails, a front/rear-mounting double chassis, hydraulic rear hood, fully automatic belt adjustment and working widths from 1.4 m to 2.5 m. It has been designed for use with excavators from 15 to 20 tonnes and is suited for mulching and scrubbing grass, bushes, plants, branches and tree trunks up to 20 cm.

The EFX range is similarly specced but is equipped with fixed Tungsten carbide teeth, and is said to be ideal for clearing bushes, brushwood, branches, plants and trunks up to 25 cm. The TBM/SB forestry mulching head with swinging hammers is designed for excavators with an operating weight from 12 to 16 tonnes, and is described as being suited to mulch any vegetable residue and standing plants up to 12 cm.

Reflecting on the event, David Haggart, area sales manager for Scotland, said: “We’re mostly an agricultural supplier. Forestry is a different client base, but I’ve met quite a few clients today who have our machines that we would not normally see at agricultural shows. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with them today and meet other potential customers.”