As part of Leeds’ bid to become the European Capital of Culture for 2023, new green spaces are being created in the city. This includes a new public space linking the Leeds Playhouse and Leeds City College, featuring low level shrub planting and semi-mature trees.

MATERIALS provided by UK landscaping supplier Green-tech have been utilised to great effect in the creation of a new public space in the city of Leeds.

The public space – Gateway Court – is part of the Leeds Playhouse and Leeds City College improvement scheme, which links the two buildings and draws in the city centre, overlooking the new Victoria Centre by Eastgate roundabout. The new green area is just one part of Leeds’ bid to become the European Capital of Culture for 2023.

The one-acre triangular site invites connections between the city centre and the main entrance of the Playhouse and campus. Rising six metres in height from Eastgate roundabout, fully accessible routes have been created by a series of shallow ramps, winding their way through lawned banks, and seating areas, situated to capture the best of the sun. Low level shrub planting and semi-mature trees add to the space.

All of the trees within the landscaped area of Gateway Court are in soft landscaping, situated in either beds or lawned areas. The trees are stabilised by using Green-tech’s Contact 10 strap anchor system. Described by Green-tech as being far superior and neater than traditional belts and stakes, the kit features wide strapping to prevent damage to the root ball, with a ratchet tensioner to allow adjustment while levelling, and a final tight, secure hold.

Forestry Journal:

To ensure adequate water is delivered to the trees’ roots during the critical early establishment years, each tree was fitted with Green-tech’s Mona Relief ring. A robust, perforated pipe sits around the root ball and, via a capped filler pipe, is said to provide a cost-effective, easy-to-use irrigation solution.

Terram Rootguard root barrier was also supplied. Manufactured from polypropylene fibres, it is resistant to biodegradation and is ideal for keeping roots away from paving and service lines, Green-tech said.

Jordan Webster, Green-tech’s key account manager, commented: “Gateway Court is in a key part of Leeds, highly visible to shoppers, commuters, students and theatre-goers. Both architect and contractor have done a fantastic job, turning what was a grey, hard landscaped area into a green oasis in the middle of the city.”

Ricky Whiteman, head of estimating north for Gavin Jones Ltd, added: “Once again, it was a pleasure to work with Green-tech. The guys fully appreciate that projects are often a moving feast, and it is nice to use a supplier that we can rely on to deliver things when and where we need them.”

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