Your chainsaw needs maintenance and accessories to ensure it operates at the optimum level, while you need to be well protected when using it. In this focus feature, we’ve brought together some of the chainsaw accessories and equipment currently on the market, to help ensure you and your machine are always at your best.


Forestry Journal:

ECHO Tools UK has introduced a new catalogue of its comprehensive accessory and PPE ranges. Safety is always paramount when using power equipment and a good place to start is with protective clothing. Professional safety gear is essential for protection and comfort while working and Echo offers two series: Performance Series and Pro-Tech Series. Both have been designed for the professional market and as such are also suitable for domestic users. Performance offers two styles of chainsaw trouser, both featuring six layers of blocking material for protection against accidental chainsaw contact. The chainsaw flex trousers have polyamide and elastane for high flexibility and comfort, with Pezaflex aqua waterproof reinforcement for weather protection. High visibility with reflective elements is common to the chainsaw and brushcutter trousers in the Pro-Tech series while being lightweight yet highly protective in extreme weather conditions. Heavy-duty gloves, chainsaw gloves, a multi-purpose helmet, protective sleeves and braces complete the PPE line-up.

The Echo range of accessories and consumables include oils and grease, batteries and chargers, harnesses, trimmer line, hedge trimmer tip guards, the Rotary Scissor Head and YOUCAN kits. Echo batteries are specifically designed for Echo electric power tools. Including both 2 Ah and 4 Ah variants, they fit the 50 V or 58 V lithium-ion ranges and are interchangeable between selected tools in the range. The chargers and rapid chargers ensure batteries are topped up for maximum productivity.

Among the Echo consumables are own-brand chain oils, two-stroke oils and grease for optimum lubrication and long-lasting protection. A sharp chain makes all the difference in cutting speed, productivity, comfort and safety. Echo chainsaw files are high quality and help reduce servicing costs by maintaining a well-sharpened saw. There is also a complete range of guide bars and chains.

By staying on top of recommended maintenance schedules, users not only prolong the life of their equipment, they also save time and money by reducing the possibility of large-scale repairs. YOUCAN is Echo’s maintenance kit for tuning up a selection of chainsaws. It comprises air filter, fuel filter and spark plug to keep tools ship-shape, with genuine Echo replacement parts. Echo batteries have a two-year warranty and Echo clothing comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. You can find out more from your local authorised Echo dealer.


Forestry Journal:

NEW to the range for 2021, Husqvarna protective leather boots with saw protection are described as breathable, 100 per cent water repellent, lightweight, and fit for tough use.

The high-performing Vibram sole is said to offer excellent grip in cold, wet and slippery conditions to ensure optimum safety, plus the shock-absorbing middle sole ensures the boots are gentle to the feet during long working days. Furthermore, the padded foam back protects the ankles and lower legs, while the padded front tongue supports the front of the legs and feet for optimum comfort.

The boots offer a smart lace system with high-quality roller hooks to enable the chainsaw boots to be fastened rapidly and easily, while the lacing system provides maximum hold and a perfect fit. In addition, the boots are made from high-quality leather with a Sympatex membrane, making the footwear breathable and 100 per cent waterproof.

The boots feature a steel toecap, a removable and washable foot bed and are approved according to EN ISO 17249:2013 level Class 2 (24 m/s). Available in sizes 36–48.


Forestry Journal:

MAKITA stocks a wide range of accessories ideally suited to chainsaw use, including a range of clothing specifically designed for chainsaw operators.

When using chainsaws on the ground, professionals should always wear Type A chainsaw trousers. These are designed with very fine fibres sewn into the front and inside leg – in the event of an accident, the chain will cut through the top layer of material and expose the fibres underneath. These fibres then wrap around the chain and quickly stop it from turning, preventing injury. Makita also recommends wearing a chainsaw jacket, which works to protect users in the same way.

It is also important for operators to wear a forestry helmet with a wire mesh face guard, as this will stop any debris from hitting and injuring the user’s face. Operators should also ensure they are wearing gloves to protect their hands from debris and cuts from the chain (these do not offer protection from a moving chain). It is also important to wear appropriate chainsaw protective footwear.

To keep chainsaws working at optimum efficiency, Maktia chain files are available in a wide range to suit any chain type.


Forestry Journal:

STIHL continues to offer professional forestry chainsaw users enhanced performance with the introduction of a newly designed guide bar and saw chains said to offer 20 per cent faster cutting performance, with lighter weight.

The Light 04 with .325 rapid pro chain is the first Stihl guide bar model to feature an innovative new design, ideally suited for professional use.

The Light 04 features a special construction that means users benefit from improved balance and therefore less fatigue when sawing, with the slim contour of the bar weighing up to 200 g less than existing guide bars. This results in easier manoeuvrability during cutting and agile chainsaw work.

The 1.3 mm gauge chain, which matches the 1.3 mm bar groove, also offers up to 20 per cent greater cutting performance when compared to .325 RS saw chains, which are 1.6 mm thickness. The faster cutting comes from the thickness of the cutter tooth that is reduced from 7.7 mm to 6.8 mm, meaning less wood is removed from the cut for more efficiency.

The new design also highlights information about its properties and features directly on the bar, enabling users to easily find the right combination of bar and chain for their Stihl chainsaw.

The new Light 04 with .325” RS PRO comes fitted as standard on the MS 261 C-M, whilst the MS 271 is fit with the RM3 PRO saw chain.

Stihl has also launched a range of service kits for petrol handheld tools that enable professional and domestic owners to carry out simple routine engine maintenance themselves, increasing their tools’ reliability and longevity.

Developed by Stihl to make routine maintenance quicker and easier, the new service kits allow owners to maintain the optimum performance and reliability they expect from Stihl products.

Stihl’s service kits contain everything needed to carry out routine servicing on a Stihl petrol handheld power tool engine. The service kits include an air filter, spark plug and fuel filter, and additional items depending on the specific machine. The kits also come with a QR code and short URL so users can quickly access how-to videos to give them step-by-step instructions for replacing the air filter, spark plug and fuel filter.

23 variants of service kit are available, covering the most popular Stihl petrol chainsaws as well as other handheld tools.

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