Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are hugely beneficial for tree work, providing easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Here, we provide a snapshot of what’s available on the market at the moment.


Forestry Journal:

PART of the Finnish brand Avant Tecno, Leguan Lifts specialises in designing and manufacturing industry-leading, reliable and technologically advanced self-propelled access platforms.

Every spider lift is designed with extraordinary all-terrain capabilities and a robust and steady boom structure, which makes Leguans versatile and fit for any access job. 

With its high ground clearance and protected tracked (or 4WD) base, Leguan provides fast and smooth access on rough terrain. Built to withstand all climates, from the heat of Australia to the freezing cold winters of the Nordics, you can count on Leguan Lifts all year round.


Hugely beneficial to tree workers, as well as many other industries, Leguan Lifts improve work speed and safety.

All Leguans are designed to be driven safely while standing on the platform to increase efficiency while transitioning on site. Automatic levelling is standard, but operators can also opt for many optional features such as extra speed.

Forestry Journal:

Helping you to reach varying heights, up to 19 m, Leguan is especially beneficial for projects with narrow access; the 9 plus metres of side reach (from the turret) offered by the Leguan 190 allows access to hard-to-reach areas – such as over pools, tennis courts or fences.


The smart and clever Leguan provides warnings to ensure your safety, with no override. 

Both the safety features and the proportional outreach monitoring system are controlled by a modern PLC that ensures the highest standard of safety combined with unrivalled outreach in all situations. Leguan Lifts leads the way with superior industrial design, numerous technological innovations and smart energy-saving functions, which provide Leguans with high resale values over time.

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Forestry Journal:

CPL, the UK-based subsidiary of Klubb, has mounted its 13.1-metre Palfinger P130A superstructure on the brand new Isuzu D-Max 4x4 pickup truck chassis.

As with its predecessor, it offers up to 6.2 metres of outreach and a 240 kg platform capacity, while the riser ‘knuckle’ remains within the vehicle’s footprint at all times.

The new chassis maintains the 24-degree departure angle and other features of the old chassis, but includes aesthetic updates and improvements, along with improved boom stowage, front stabilisation and cab controls, along with additional features and ‘Advanced Driver Assist’ systems.

Standard equipment includes cruise control, traffic sign recognition, forward collision warning, manual and intelligent speed limiter, autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning and prevention system. It also includes automatic headlights with high beam assist while the new D-Max utility also keeps the hill-start and hill-descent control system.

CPL says that it is the first company to release a platform on a new chassis, adding: “CPL has ensured we are the first to design and build the popular platform on the new Isuzu D-Max. We are also the first to be awarded full small series type approval on the conversion with the 3.5-tonne suspension upgrade and all-terrain tyres.”

The P130 model is also available on the new Toyota Hilux, released this year. With a safe working load of 225 kg in the basket, this conversion is also fully type approved.

Both the Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux can be fitted with a chipping box. The CPL ATAT is also fully type approved. The new design sees a tipping body that can be fitted to either model. This speeds up manufacturing time, allowing CPL to build your order and get it to you even faster. Due to customer feedback, the Isuzu D-Max double cab has now been added to CPL’s type approvals.

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Forestry Journal:

SINCE its UK launch in 2020, Platform Basket’s Spider 20.95 tracked platform has proven a huge success with UK tree surgeons who are benefitting from its impressive work envelope, unrestricted platform capacity and its range of features perfectly suited for the arboricultural sector. 

Shaun Day, managing director of UK distributor Promax Access, said: “Although we only took delivery of the first units in June, the amount that have been chosen by the tree care sector is already into double digits. It has certainly raised the bar and expectation levels for tracked platforms in this working height range, offering operator benefits generally associated with much larger and more expensive machines.” 

The Spider 20.95 offers a working height of 19.4 metres and an outreach of 9.5 metres while weighing just 2,800 kg. Its maximum outreach can also be achieved with an up & over height of seven metres, ensuring the machine can be set up over hedges and fences as well as clear of drop zones. Another important factor to its growing success has been its unrestricted 250 kg platform capacity, which allows users to reach more of the tree canopy without having to remove weight from the platform cage or reposition the machine. 

Features being appreciated by tree surgeons include its width and height adjustable tracks for greater ground clearance and stability on challenging terrains, a 1.8-metre jib with 180 degrees of platform rotation for greater control in and around tree limbs, and the ability to self-level on slopes of up to 17 degrees. All the machine’s hoses and cables have also been concealed within the heavy-duty steel boom to protect them from any falling debris. 

The 20.95 is powered by a highly reliable Z482 Kubota diesel engine that can easily cope with rugged and challenging ground conditions. It can also be supplied with a hybrid diesel/lithium-ion power source which allows for emission- and noise-free operation – perfect for any residential applications and for ensuring workers in the platform cage can easily communicate with those on the ground.

Designed with the operator in mind, the 20.95 comes with radio remote controls as well as automatic outrigger set-up and boom stowing functions. A display screen provides instant operating guidance, diagnostics and support. For residential applications, which often require access down side alleys, between houses or through gates, the platform cage can be quickly removed to provide an overall width of less than a metre and a height of under two metres.

Additional options available for the arb sector include a screen divider, a one-man platform cage and a 250 kg hydraulic winch which can be used in place of the platform cage to help lower and load larger tree sections.

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