THE forest fence serves a number of purposes, from drawing boundaries and protecting stands, to deterring wildlife and potential trespassers. 

What was once a laborious, time-consuming process has been streamlined in recent years with the likes of mechanical post drivers and fencing rollers.

Here we look at five products currently available on the market.


Forestry Journal:

Solo Fencing Systems offers track-mounted post drivers and netting dispensing systems designed by a fencer for fencers.

These simple, easy to use, operator-friendly machines will revolutionise your fencing and increase profit in no time.

SOLOTRAK: A track-mounted post driver based on a Mooroka MST300VD, SoloTrak is strong, powerful and superbly balanced, with dual front and rear controls, able to handle the steepest and most awkward terrain. Tight, awkward spaces are no problem with the 200-degree slew and telescopic mast that drives to below ground level. A fast hammer-cycle speed, together with conveniently placed load bed, deliver maximum post-driving efficiency.

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Options include a telescopic mast, 200-degree slew, 2- or 4-way blade, rock spike, percussion rock drill, auger, SoloNet, combi SoloNet/forks, track grips, storage solutions, hydraulic leg, USB charging port, upright exhaust, winch, onboard compressor, LED work lights, safety gate and remote control.

SOLONET: A quick, mechanised netting dispensing and straining system that rolls out, hydraulically clamps and strains net, SoloNet works on both sides and can strain into corners, taking the hard slog out of the job and saving labour costs.
Available with multiple mounting options, SoloNet can be loader/skid-steer mounted, 360 digger mounted and three-point linkage mounted, carrying up to 2 x 500 m rolls of net with clamp options up to 2.5 m.

SOLORAIL: A great little time-saving tool to assist with railing up. Simply load up your rails and knock them in. One customer said: “Pound for pound, probably the best return on investment a fencer will make”.

Contact Solo Fencing Systems on 077252 73399, email or visit for more details.


Forestry Journal:

Founded in 1979, McVeigh Parker is one of the premier specialist fencing and agricultural stockists in the UK. It has grown significantly since its inception in Berkshire, with eight depots covering the length and breadth of the UK. 

Backed up with years of industry knowledge, it has a proven track record of delivering to major organisations such as the Environment Agency, Natural England, National Trust, Network Rail and the RSPB. It holds over £11 m of stock and keeps a full range of fencing and agricultural products, ready for immediate supply. Its bulk-buying policy means customers benefit from significant savings.

McVeigh Parker is ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified as well as Achilles and FSC registered, which means customers can be confident they are dealing with a highly reputable and well-regarded supplier that has passed stringent industry tests. 
Triple X Fencing is McVeigh Parker’s bespoke, long-lasting, high-performance fencing solution. This innovative product consists of the quick-clip steel post coupled with X Fence premium wire netting and steel strainers. Triple X is an agricultural and commercial fencing system like no other, offering stronger wire, a premium coating, easier installation and sustainability. 

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For large-scale woodland creation schemes – especially where landowners prefer not to use plastic tree guards – Triple X offers a cost-effective solution for protecting trees from deer browsing. While a treated timber fence would typically have to be written off after a single use, Triple X can be re-sited many times or recycled at the end of its service life, and it’s possible to achieve over 50 per cent cost savings over the guaranteed 30-year life.

From the revolutionary Triple X premium all-metal fencing solution to traditional timber, electric, line wire and stock fencing, as well as security and domestic fencing, McVeigh Parker prides itself on understanding every aspect. Its depots are staffed by knowledgeable people with a team of key account managers who not only look after trade clients, but can visit sites to help plan and design fencing projects.

For more information, visit


Forestry Journal:

Rabaud SAS manufactures a very wide range of quality forestry and fencing equipment.

Its 22,100 square meter factory, covering 10 hectares, is located near the city of Sainte-Cécile in mid-west France. Rabaud manufactures and distributes 8,000 machines per year to order on-site and employs 200 staff.

The Rabaud Robopel 250 is the market leader in mobile post peelers and is a very popular machine with fencing manufacturing companies. It is a semi-automatic peeler adaptable on tractor 3-point linkage driven by the PTO. As an option, it can also be ordered as a mixed 3-phase electric/hydraulic unit 20 HP (in option).

It peels all types of wood, both hard and soft, so is perfectly suited to chestnut and oak fencing along with more conventional softwood stakes and rails. It can peel a wood diameter range from 40–250 mm, from tree stakes to heavy strainers.

The new design of the Robopel 250 allows for the wood-forward speed to be adjusted and the pressure against the convex disc fitted with six adjustable blades, so the desired amount of wood can be removed from the parent material. The post is held at the entrance and exit of the machine with the V-positioned tyre wheels. The peelings are blown with a mobile spout which is adjustable in 360°, ideal for discharging into a trailer.

Output for posts is between 60–120 posts per hour. A new option now offered by Rabaud is automatic release of the driving rollers.

For more information, demonstrations are offered at Home Forestry's woodland site or, to buy new or used Rabaud peelers and fencing equipment, contact Nathan Home 01746 718456/07966365157 or email



Forestry Journal:

UK manufacturer Hampton Steel produces steel-wire fencing and associated products for all forestry and agricultural applications including Sentinel high-quality hinge-joint stock fencing, the superior Hampton Net fixed-knot fencing, chain-link fencing, barbed wire, line wires, agricultural staples, Rylock Green, Rylock One and its own award-winning, metal posts; Versalok intermediate steel fencing posts and Strainerlok box and angle strainer systems. 

Versalok is the culmination of many months of design, testing and trialling.100-per-cent recyclable and incredibly durable, Versalok is produced from high-yield steel with a zinc, aluminium and magnesium coating and is guaranteed for 30 years. Quick and simple to erect, the Versalok post is compatible with all woven wire-mesh patterns and produced in 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm thickness.

Forestry Journal:

Standard post heights of 1.8, 2.2 and 2.9 metres are available from stock; other post heights can be made to order. Hampton’s Strainerlok box and angle strainer systems are lightweight yet incredibly strong, constructed from magna tubular steel.

Supplied in both metal box and angle strut options, packs include anti-lift/twist heel and breast plates, bracing wires, gripples and post/strut connectors, providing easy to assemble metal straining systems.

Contact Hampton sales team on 01933 234070 or email


Forestry Journal:

BEFORE petrol post drivers, the options for fencing in awkward locations were much more limited – either a hand-held rammer, a sledgehammer, or a hydraulic whacker.

Over 10 years ago, the Easy Petrol Post Driver came on the market and made fencing that little bit easier. Easy Petrol Post Driver (EPPD) is the original Australian-made driver – designed and manufactured in Sydney by Christie Engineering. It will knock in all post types and profiles up to a 4” round diameter, with the most popular application being timber 3–4” stock fencing.

Forestry Journal:

It is powered by the Honda GX35 4-stroke engine, which packs a powerful 1,720 strikes per minute from the hammer.


Many fencing contractors will own a tractor-mounted post driver which quickly covers a lot of ground, and will install strainers in a few whacks. But what do they do when it gets too steep, the trees are hanging low, or the ground is too wet? The EPPD provides the answer, filling in the gaps in areas where the big machinery can’t get to. It has been tried and tested in rugged commercial environments worldwide, with new users saying goodbye to their drive-alls once and for all.


Weighing only 15.3 kg, it is suitable for long days driving a large number of posts.
The vibration levels are measured at 9.24 m/s² which roughly translates to 200 posts per person, per day.

The manufacturers provide a 3-year commercial warranty as standard.


Many accessories are offered, all of which are interchangeable. The most popular option is the Multi Kit, a 3-in-1 adapter set offering different size combinations to suit your posts. Different post profiles are also on offer including square, rectangle, angle iron, and a specific set for Clipex Beefy and Standard.

Forestry Journal:

For very hard or dry ground conditions, an optional extra is the pilot core tool, which removes a core of earth from the ground first.

Every machine comes in a plastic site box with spare fuel can.

For more information, call 0114 269 09119, email or visit