A one-stop shop for top-quality equipment for the forestry, land clearance and bioenergy industries, Paul Vidgen Forest Machines has amassed an impressive stable of suppliers over its three decades in operation. Here we take a look across its current range and how it has developed through the years.

FROM his base in Ascot, near Windsor, Paul Vidgen has been involved in the mulching, land-clearing and forestry business for 30 years, both as a contractor and as a supplier of specialist equipment.

Having studied arboriculture at Merrist Wood College in Guildford, Paul set up his own business, Ascot Tree Services, in 1987, carrying out stump removal and land-clearance work. He then moved into forestry mulching in 1992.

In 1998, Paul set up Paul VIdgen Forest Machines (PVFM) when he became the exclusive importer for the AWHI mulcher – the first tracked self-propelled mulcher in the UK.

Forestry Journal:

This forward-thinking attitude, not to mention a lifelong interest in machinery, has served Paul well these past three decades, and he continues to supply a wide range of specialist equipment to contractors and estates across the UK.

AHWI Prinoth manufactures a full range of mulchers, stump grinders and rotovators for mounting on tractors, excavators and special carriers. The company’s machinery remains at the forefront of mulching technology and its latest offerings are no exception. The Raptor 800, Raptor 300 and the all-new replacement to the industry standard RT400, the Raptor 500, are equipped with Tier V engines using Ad Blue from Caterpillar and Cummins, offering excellent reliability and very good fuel economy.

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Like all AHWI Prinoth mulchers, these new units feature efficient mechanical drives with a turbo-clutch. The Raptor 300 is available with a rubber track system for short trips on the road, while the 800 has a dedicated heavy-duty driveline to the 900-mm diameter rotor, making it one of the largest self-propelled mulchers available.

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Bruks chippers are now a big part of the PVFM equipment portfolio, with two forwarder-mounted units and one truck-mounted unit sold last year. These reliable, tough and simple-to-maintain chippers are ideally suited to biomass production.

The 1006 PT model has the capacity to process full-length trees and logs up to a diameter of 60 cm (50 cm for hardwood) as well as brushwood. Designed for heavy-duty conditions, the drum-chipper features an effective infeed, a closed chipping drum and outfeed by the chip accelerator and chip tube. This model is built onto a truck chassis and powered by the truck engine.

The 806.2 model is Bruks’ latest development in the 800 series. The most popular size class for mobile chipping applications, it has the capacity to process trees and logs up to a diameter of 50 cm.

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The Trevi Benne range of tree shears have been well received by PVFM’s client base and are very popular for ash dieback work. The WT tree shear series offers six models designed for felling and deforestation of trees and logs, tall bushes and the thinning of shrubs of different sizes. Available for excavators from six to 30 tonnes, with 350-degree rotation, the shears are ideal tools for companies involved in roadside maintenance where steep slopes and embankments are common challenges. PVFM usually has units in stock for quick delivery and set-up.

PVFM also supplies scarifiers from UOT, which are perfect for site preparation on open ground, clear-fell or mulched sites, helping greatly with new crop establishment.

Available in four sizes, these Latvian-made units offer great quality at a very reasonable price point.

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The FTG Baltic Forest range of trailers and cranes is also available through PFVM, consisting of three trailers with 7-, 9- and 10-tonne loading capacity, and six crane models with reach from 4.7 to 6.9 metres. The FB70, FB90 and FB100 trailers are all single frame with a flat underside, with maximum ground clearance and easy-rolling bogie facilitating operation in difficult terrain. All models have frame steering and telescopic support legs, and can be equipped with alternative tyre dimensions, extra bunks, rear lights, extensions, a working platform, insert plates for brash handling and other accessories.

All crane models all feature high-quality slew motor with cast iron housing, metal bushings and ball bearings. Three models are available with a telescope and three without.

Other brands available through PVDM include Naturatec shears, Zanon mulching and mowing equipment, and R-Top hydraulic stump removers. 

Forestry Journal:

One thing Paul always strives to provide is a level of knowledge unrivalled in the industry. He still carries out some contracting work and he always likes to keep his hand in, operating the latest offerings for his manufacturers.

Looking to the future, Paul said the business is looking to expand its online parts offering, adding: “We want to continue to supply the very best equipment we can, keep our existing customer happy with parts and service and continually look for new opportunities.”

Paul Vidgen Forestry Machines can also supply a range of new and used equipment for special tasks and carry out repairs and modifications to customers’ machines, so whatever your requirements are, contact 01344 873 499 or email info@pvfm.co.uk.