Forestry Journal takes a look at the BMF (Baltic Machine Factory) range of timber trailers and cranes, available in the UK and Ireland from M Large.

M Large has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading forestry equipment specialists in the trade. With over half a century of experience and expertise behind it, the company is constantly growing its product line with quality equipment catering for a vast array of forestry applications to ensure its customers enjoy the very best in durable, cost-effective and reliable goods. 

From basic equipment to state-of-the-art machinery, M Large’s catalogue is extensive.

One of its latest and most exciting product ranges is from the company BMF (Baltic Machine Factory), a specialist in producing high-quality forestry trailers and cranes. M Large is the official distributor for BMF across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Forestry Journal:

The product names of each BMF crane offer an indication of the varied reach available, ranging from the BMF430, with a 4.3-metre reach, all the way up to the mighty BMF1000HD with an impressive reach of 10 metres.

Its trailers are equally varied, with units suited to the requirements of hobby farmers as well as professional loggers, and load capacities ranging from 6 to 18 tonnes. Many of the models come in either ‘standard’ or ‘pro’ versions, with a multitude available for interested parties to peruse. BMF’s range of trailers has models to fit the requirements of any potential user. 

Forestry Journal:

BMF also supplies customers with the opportunity to purchase accessories that allow their BMF machinery to be customised, from high-seat options to LED boom lighting, basic hydraulic control valves to state-of-the-art full electrical proportionally programmable control valves, ensuring that every customer’s specific requirements will be met.

Forestry Journal:

Based in Estonia, the company has a significant presence within Europe, having produced over 1,360 cranes and more than 1,120 trailers in 2021. M Large is proud to be involved with the BMF brand, with both companies sharing a devotion to ensuring a high-quality service for customers, where value and innovation are paramount – without the hefty price tag.

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