CURRENTLY being tested in the forests of Sweden is a new machine designed to ensure the most sustainable possible management of forests all year round for both the environment and people.

This new prototype concept is doing it all using tracks instead of conventional wheels, turning a long-mooted idea – something even the great Lars Bruun couldn’t quite get over the line – into reality. 

The Centipede, the result of a major, three-year project, may be the first forwarder to run successfully on tracks, bringing with it reductions in fuel consumption and improvements in durability and operator comfort. 

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With its low-impact approach and increased productivity, the Centipede is the fruits of a labour that saw eight Swedish forestry companies – Södra, Sveaskog, SCA, Holmen, Norra Skog, Mellanskog, Stora Enso and BillerudKorsnäs – join forces with Komatsu Forest. 

Below you can watch a short video on the concept and see it in action