IT’S been quite a month for travel disruption – which has made it quite a challenging time for those of us trying to get to different events.

The return of the forestry show season, after two years with almost no events to speak of, has been very exciting. But it’s been a stressful time too.

I loved the experience of attending Elmia Wood 2022, but was quite unprepared for operational issues at Schiphol Airport causing my connecting flight to be cancelled, leaving me stranded in Amsterdam for two days (I concede it could have been worse).

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The Big Rescue Event and Royal Highland Show, which I also attended (look out for coverage of the former in August’s essentialARB), had the bad fortune to fall in the midst of train worker strikes causing a shutdown of the country’s rail network.

So I’ve been doing a lot of driving, which normally I wouldn’t mind, except for the ever-escalating cost of filling up making it prohibitively expensive. It’s enough to make you miss the days of lockdown.

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There is a more serious consequence to the rising price of fuel, with timber hauliers and forestry contractors now parking up their lorries and machines because they can no longer afford to run them. And fuel is only one cost, of course, with everything else on the rise too. I know some in the industry are now praying for a recession (and they may get their wish). What’s the alternative? Take up horse logging (though if you are interested, be sure to check out this issue’s Voices of Forestry)? 

As for me, I should probably start packing for Interforst 2022. Fingers crossed I make it back!

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