IN a series of articles, we'll be looking back at the history of the APF show and previewing its long-awaited return this month. With just one week to go, here’s a look at some of the exhibitors to look out for. 

AMONG the many familiar names returning to the show for 2022 are the likes of equipment dealers Approved Hydraulics (H7 in the static area), Riko (stand 320–330 on the demo circuit) and Jas P Wilson (winner of the Alan Cobb Memorial Trophy for Best Stand at APF 2018), which has teased the debut of some exciting new machines (remaining under wraps until the show). Find the Wilsons team on stand 1310–1400.

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In what’s certain to be a very busy arena, Husqvarna will be showcasing a number of new items. Standout products that will be available to view for the very first time and test at the exhibition will be the newest range of Mark III chainsaws, the 540 XP Mark III and the T540 XP Mark III, which are due to launch and will be available to forestry and arborist professionals in 2023.

GreenMech will be showcasing its EVO series of woodchippers on stand 1270–1310, while Först Global will be showcasing its new TT6 turntable chipper on stand 1400–1440.

Among the numerous companies presenting live demonstrations of working machinery will be B Price Mus-Max Specialist, the sole UK agent for Mus-Max woodchippers. On stand 800–860 on the demo circuit it will be showcasing the Mus-Max WT12 Z, WT11 XL, WT 9 XL and WT7 LZ.

Forestry Journal: CRJ Services will be demonstrating Jenz machines.CRJ Services will be demonstrating Jenz machines. (Image: APF)

Meanwhile, Air Seal Products will be on stand F16B at the show, demonstrating its premier tyre sealant, hammering a large spike into a tyre and watching as the puncture seals immediately following its removal. At this year’s show, the business will be introducing a new packaging option for its customers. 

Alkylate petrol pioneer Aspen will be showcasing the benefits of its ethanol-free fuel for two- and four-stroke engines and offering visitors to stand D1A the opportunity to trial Aspen Fuel with a new money-back guarantee.

Business development manager Axel Hildebrand said: “Aspen has a tried-and-tested record of making a real difference to the working conditions for arb and grounds contractors of all sizes up and down the country. However, all too often, we find people are tentative to give it a try!

“This initiative will give people the opportunity to put Aspen to the test in their own working environments, and we’re confident that, once people discover firsthand the improvements it can make to sustainable working, they’ll not look back.”

Forestry Journal: Dragon Equipment will show the LF1000 lifter working for the first time. Dragon Equipment will show the LF1000 lifter working for the first time. (Image: APF)

APF sponsor Tubex will be showcasing its sustainable tree-protection solutions, including Tubex Nature, a bio-based and biodegradable tree shelter ideal for planting in difficult-to-reach locations or where post-use collection is unfeasible. 

A visual demonstration of Tubex’s successful collection and recycling programme, from recycling to reprocessing into finished products, will be a central feature of its stand (C7).

James Taylor, head of marketing and product development at Tubex, said: “We’re delighted to have another opportunity at APF to continue our open conversations with the tree-planting and forestry sector.”

The sustainability of tree shelters is sure to be a hot topic for this year’s APF, which features the presence of multiple brands in the marketplace.

On stand E11B, Hy-Tex will be introducing Eco-Haven tree guards, a new range of fully biodegradable – but highly durable – tree guards, shrub shelters and vine sleeves, incorporating a unique modular design. To emphasise how easy they are to assemble, visitors will have the chance to try their hand, with the fastest assembly winning £50. 

Meanwhile, show sponsor NexGen will officially launch its new tree shelters, made from a mix of British wool, a biodegradable polyol produced from ethically sourced cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), castor oil and an innovative biodegradable custom polymer. 

Forestry Journal: Innovations in tree protection and sustainability will be at the heart of Tubex’s show activity.Innovations in tree protection and sustainability will be at the heart of Tubex’s show activity. (Image: APF)

Gary Hurlstone, founder and MD of NexGen Tree Shelters, said: “We have all seen the effects of climate change this year with soaring temperatures and no rain. The need to plant more trees to help the climate crisis must go hand in hand with using tree shelters that cause no harm to their surroundings.”

Among the myriad other exhibitors appearing at APF for the first time this year will be Linewatch, a company providing awareness of the hazards associated with working in close proximity to high-pressure pipelines. It can be found in the Fencing Village on stand 875–885.

On stand D7B, Pragmasis Security will be showcasing its range of high-security anchors and top-rated ‘Protector’ brand security chains, plus many locks and accessories that allow people to secure quad bikes/ATVs, woodchippers, motorcycles and more.
Elsewhere, Woodland Mills will be showcasing its range of American-engineered portable sawmills and sawmill trailers on stand 700–720, while Dragon Equipment will be on 1530–1520 for its first-ever live demo event.

The team will be bringing along its powerful CR300 micro crusher, impressive 1-tonne LF1000 lifter and its wider sibling, the LF1000W. Plus, making its official debut at the show will be the newest member of the Dragon Equipment family – the PB1000 tracked power barrow.

Another new exhibitor is Fireward Automatic Fire Suppression, which will be at point 420–440 on the demo circuit, showcasing the effectiveness of its fire-suppression system in a live test environment. Across the three days, it will be performing live demonstrations to show the importance of having fire suppression on heavy plant machinery in a realistic scenario.

Forestry Journal: Exhibiting at the APF for the first time, Pragmasis Security will present various products to help keep equipment safe from thieves.Exhibiting at the APF for the first time, Pragmasis Security will present various products to help keep equipment safe from thieves. (Image: APF)

CRJ Services will be exhibiting for the first time this year, having recently acquired the Jenz dealership for the UK and Ireland. On stand 500–540 it will demonstrate the Jenz BA916 high-speed shredder and the Jenz BA841Z PTO chipper, as well as running an inflatable axe-throwing competition.

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For something a bit different, be sure to check out Visibull Art and Design (F14B), a venture from artist Julian Bull, who creates printing blocks from cookie-slice log sections and then hand prints to create striking tree-ring images for use on t-shirts, greeting cards and other homewares.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! There’s so much more, from competitions to live demonstrations to debuts of new machinery all to be discovered at APF 2022.

The Forestry Journal team will be out in force, eager to meet with readers old and new.

Come visit us for a chat and refreshments on 1685–1705. 

We’ll see you there!