In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. 

HELD at the APF for the first time, the British Open Fencing Competition provided the perfect opportunity for visitors to see the best that fencing has to offer. 

And while the contest – won by Morgan Fencing & HVB – featured ‘traditional’ timber constructions built almost entirely by hand, there was plenty else on the McVeigh Parker stand, including metal-based alternatives. 

“It went extremely well,” said Stuart Mills, key account manager with the APF sponsor. “We had 12 two-man teams competing against each other to a specific agriculture specification. It was well supported. We were very happy with the way things went. 

“We have brought the fencing element into the forestry side of the show. We did some demonstration work, and some fun speed tests last time round. We had such a good response and decided to up our game and introduce the championships. 

Forestry Journal: Fencing was a big attraction during the show Fencing was a big attraction during the show (Image: FJ/JH)

“It works well because you have similar demographic and it lends itself to that. The competitors are allowed some power tools, but it’s all done by hand. The intricacy in the wirework is extremely skilled. You have people at the top of their game.” 

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