In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. 

Offering a different perspective on the exhibition were an incredible variety of MEWPs and cherry pickers. Cranes from Alfa, Promax Access, Independent Access Sales, IPAF, CPL and more reared up across the skyline, serving as beacons to arborists looking for equipment to enhance their business.

But only one was attached to a tractor. Vertical Tec Concepts’ (VTC) tractor-mounted elevated platforms have been used by the firm in its native Ireland and around parts of Europe since the late 1990s.

Forestry Journal: VTC’s tractor-mounted platform.VTC’s tractor-mounted platform. (Image: FJ)

Easily installed (at APF VTC had brought a John Deere 6155R), the hoists provide arborists with greater flexibility, especially for those working around power lines or similar obstacles.

They were designed by Belgian firm Thomas Hoogwerkers, with VTC showing off the 180NCTJ – and its impressive 32 m height – during the exhibition.

Founder Tom Vaughan said: “This is a machine that can go across countryside, whether it be medium or rough terrain. You can set it up in very quick time, reduce the side of trees back that are interfering with telephone cables, power lines, and even in domestic gardens and roadsides.

Forestry Journal: At APF VTC had brought a John Deere 6155RAt APF VTC had brought a John Deere 6155R (Image: FJ)

“The beauty of this machine is that it can go 50 km/h, so you can put in your stabilisers and head down the road and you’re onto the next job in a matter of minutes.”

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