In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. 

THE sole UK agent for one of the leading manufacturers of precision woodchippers in western Europe, B Price Mus-Max said, ahead of the show, that it would be showcasing the Mus-Max WT12 Z, WT11 Xl, WT 9XL and WT7 LZ.

But it surprised many – FJ included – by also demonstrating the Alzinger Lepton 5100 screener, an entirely new machine for the UK.

Forestry Journal:  Ben Price of B Price Mus-Max. Ben Price of B Price Mus-Max. (Image: FJ)

Ben Price said: “We took the agency on about a month ago and kept it hush-hush until the show, to try to give it the right launch. It’ll screen 100 tonnes of woodchip or waste in an hour, with a four-way split. At the moment we’ve got it set up for G50, G30, fine and oversized.

“When I was approached about taking the agency on I wasn’t sure why we would need a screener for woodchip.

Forestry Journal:

"But there are now so many people utilising the whole of the tree – the leaves and the branches, not just the pulpwood – and anything you don’t want to go to premium product for a boiler can be separated and used for animal bedding or low-grade woodchip.”

You can watch a full version of this interview below