In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. This feature follows mention of Jeff Haines and his role in Timberwolf's new hybrid woodchipper. 

Speaking of Jeff Haines, he was on the Dragon Equipment stand demonstrating the operation of the impressive LF1000 lifter, which can safely lift and track with loads of up to one tonne, as well as its wider sister, the LF1000W.

Jeff, who launched his company four years ago, said: “People entering the industry now aren’t prepared to put themselves through the same level of physical torture as previous generations, so it’s getting harder to recruit. 

APF 2022: Timberwolf's boss addresses TW 280HB Hybrid's running costs and firm's future ambitions

“The idea for Dragon Equipment was to produce equipment that removes that problem. These are small machines that can access very tight areas, but still pack a punch, so everyone can do their job and go home at the end of the day tired, but without having wrecked their bodies.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to demonstrate them live and visitors can see they really have the wow factor.” 

A bit bigger, but highly maneuverable, the new Dingo TX 1300 compact utility loader was being shown working on the Toro UK stand. Marketed as ideal for landscape, hardscape and tree-care jobs, sales manager Matt Coleman said it brings a new combination of power, reach and convenient control to the Dingo line-up.

Forestry Journal: Dragon's range includes a number of modelsDragon's range includes a number of models (Image: EA)

“The TX 1300 has a fairly substantial track width and length, but it’s also got a telescopic boom, which is pretty unique for a tracked compact loader,” he said. “It gives the operator far more reach than a standard loader, but with it being more substantial, it has a 400–500 kg capacity. With this being the first chance for people to see it, the interest has been great.”

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