In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of APF 2022. 

IN speaking with exhibitors and visitors, it was interesting to note how many had stories of being hit by machinery theft – an ever-present and growing problem in the industry.

As such it was good to see firms such as Pragmasis Security (with its range of anchors and top-rated security chains) and ATVTrac offering up innovative solutions.

Launched into the UK in 2012, ATVTrac is a dedicated security product enabling owners of forestry and arboriculture machinery to have a live link to their machines 24/7, regardless of location.

Business development manager Rupert Archer-Smith said: “It’s our first time at the show and a new market for us, so we’re just trying to gauge reaction.

"We provide a discreet hard-wired tracker on a unit – primarily on ATVs up to now, but increasingly dealing with chippers, diggers and more.

“We provide real-time tracking through mobile phone technology, but we also run RF. We’re one of the few companies specialising in both.

"So if a machine should be stolen and put in a container or thermo van, we can still track it to within 1.5 metres, using a radio-frequency detector.”

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