In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2023. 

ONE of the major launches at last year’s APF was Timberwolf’s first hybrid woodchipper, and once again the TW 280HB was the main attraction on the manufacturer’s busy stand.

Said on its unveiling to be an industry first, the 8” chipper has a processing throughput of over seven tonnes per hour and runs on a combination of a diesel engine and energy-efficient supercapacitors.

Forestry Journal: Guy Marshlain, sales and marketing director at TimberwolfGuy Marshlain, sales and marketing director at Timberwolf (Image: EA)

To mark the return of the ARB Show to its natural home, Timberwolf had even brought along a black-coloured version, which stood out among the distinctive orange of its other chippers.

“The hybrid is a product that we launched last year, and there is a lot of interest in that,” Guy Marshlain, sales and marketing director at Timberwolf, said. “Particularly because of its eight-inch capacity and you have that boost of a hybrid.

“Demand has been strong, depending on what people are looking for. When they are looking for an eight-inch product and something that gives a little bit more - while spending less on fuel and servicing - then that’s the product they are looking for.

“We had some feedback from a customer who had bought two products. They work for a local council, and they said it has been busy all the time.”

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