In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2023. 

THE big draws for chipper manufacturer GreenMech were the EVO range, launched in 2021 (comprising the 165 and its big brother, the 205), and the ECO 135 – a new 135 mm or 5.5” capacity machine.

Managing director Jonathan Turner said: “The ECO 135 is brand new, so this is our first time showing it out in the field.

"We have our arborist 130, which is a 23 hp petrol machine and has done really well as a product linked to the 150, which has been out for 13 years now.

"We saw an opportunity for a slightly smaller-capacity version of that machine, because there’s no doubt there are a fair few arborists and landscapers out there who don’t need that capacity.

“It’s a modular build, so we can supply various different versions. It also draws on our experience with the QuadChip, our turntable machine, all packaged in a product that will chip the vast majority of what most arborists want to chip, at a slightly lower cost point, with a turntable option available.”

Forestry Journal: The ECO 135 being put through its paces The ECO 135 being put through its paces (Image: EA)

He also teased a new version of the 205 on a turntable, which will be available soon.

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