In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2023. 

IT was a relatively small selection from Fuelwood’s expansive range at the show, but carefully curated to answer the current needs of arb customers, many of whom are going bigger and getting into firewood. 

Sales manager Ben Billing said: “We’ve brought a Heizohack chipper, because we’ve found a lot of arb guys are moving up from the common smaller models to something of that size.

"Many have tractors already, which means they have the horsepower available, so the next order of purchase they look at is a Heizohack. 

Forestry Journal: Ben has found many arborists making the switch to larger chippers, like the Heizohack rangeBen has found many arborists making the switch to larger chippers, like the Heizohack range (Image: EA)

“In the range that we do, the HM8-400K (4,600 kg) used to be our most popular model, but now people are going bigger all the time. Guys doing site clearance now want the HM10-500K model (6,500 kg) and the guys who used to run Timberwolfs and Försts are moving up to the HM8-400K.

"And once you’ve got a Heizohack chipper you need a crane to go with it, which is why we’ve brought the Moheda M51T.”

Many arborists are also changing the way they do business to incorporate firewood, which is driving demand for processors like the Splitta 400.

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Ben said: “There are some new faces coming in, having seen the opportunity there.

"We’ve had an exceptional six months for sales of firewood processors and machinery. In previous years, chippers would be the bestsellers in a certain month, winches and forestry trailers in a certain month, but it’s all change now. Firewood processors have just dominated the last six months.”

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