Arborists are well-seasoned in their knowledge of safety practices and the required PPE. Here, Stihl discusses what additional equipment can be used to further prevent accidents on-site.

EVERY day, workers in the industry complete site surveys, risk assessments and work plans to successfully mitigate the risk of accident or injury. Through these measures, as well as extensive training, professionals can competently overcome challenges in working environments on a daily basis.

One aspect of continually improving safety is having an awareness of all the safety equipment available in the market, as well as keeping up-to-date with technological advances in new products. In some cases, professionals can go one step further in preventing accidents by using equipment with state-of-the-art safety features and accessories.

Communication is key

Forestry Journal:

Improving on-site communication can help workers manage risks such as the presence of members of the public. In the past, finding an effective communication solution has been difficult due to the noise of power tools and the potential large distances between workers.

Stihl’s Advance ProCom headsets offer high-quality communication and ear protection combined. Up to 16 headsets can be linked automatically, with a maximum range between units of up to 600 m. Over larger areas headsets act as signal repeaters, extending the range even further.

The innovative helmet-mounted set has a high attenuation value of 31 SNR (32 for headset version) for excellent noise protection. Furthermore, ProCom also features an intuitive ambient mode that allows users to clearly hear their surroundings, before automatically de-activating when loud noise is detected.

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Advance ProCom is available as a headband version or as an accessory for 3M compatible helmets such as the Advance X-Climb. Alternatively, ProCom is also available fitted to the Advance X-Vent helmet.

Personal protective equipment

Did you know a chainsaw protective jacket and arm protectors are also available for chainsaw operators? With cut protection in the chest, arms, shoulder and stomach areas, the MS PROTECT cut protection high visibility jacket offers additional protection for specialist applications.

Making the right tool choice

Although petrol tools remain a popular choice due to their power output, continuous development and advancements in cordless technology mean that more high-powered cordless alternatives are available than ever before.

Cordless tools not only have their sustainability benefits, but they can also help to limit the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) which is hugely significant.

Maintaining and cleaning equipment

Forestry Journal:

As well as reducing productivity, a dull chain can increase the likelihood of kickback and reduces the level of control the user has of the chainsaw. Numerous filing aids are available in addition to the standard filing kits, helping to ensure a sharp and smooth-running saw chain. Additionally, the 2-in-1 EasyFile and the Hexa cutting system are popular pieces of kit that help to sharpen teeth quickly and efficiently, offering impressive results and easier maintenance.

Avoid heavy lifting 

In most cases, power equipment can be used to move heavy timber around the jobsite – however, there are still occasions where smaller pieces need to be moved by hand. Tools such as lifting tongues, drag hooks and hand hookaroons can make moving timber significantly easier, improving productivity while minimising the risk of injury.

Lifting tongues and hookaroons allow smaller logs to be dragged from a standing position, helping to prevent back injuries or musculoskeletal disorders. Tools such as these also greatly improve grip, further helping to prevent trips and falls on uneven terrain.

Stihl’s range of lifting equipment not only supports arb workers in repositioning many different types of wood but comes with comfortable handles to ensure easy use over long periods.

While all chainsaw operators are well versed in following key regulations and protecting themselves and others on-site, the accessories and tools available in today’s market can help to extend those safety efforts and further prevent injuries or accidents. This can offer better safety on-site which means peace of mind and efficiency for users and employers.

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