This article is part of our series of coverage from 2023's Confor Woodland Show. A full feature is in October's edition of the magazine, and we'll have lots more content across our channels. 

ONE of the show’s highlights could be found on the Wood-Mizer stand.

The battery-powered LT15 Wide sawmill, unveiled earlier this year, is an industry first and the prototype brought along is the only one in the UK.

It certainly attracted plenty of interest as Dave Biggs showed off what it was capable of, taking no time at all to slice through some Douglas fir. 

Forestry Journal: Wood-Mizer's Dave Biggs demonstrates the LT15 batter-powered mill Wood-Mizer's Dave Biggs demonstrates the LT15 batter-powered mill (Image: FJ/Jack Haugh)

“We have been making sawmills for a long time, but we need to start looking at alternative power sources,” Dave, Wood-Mizer’s general manager in the UK, said. “This is what we’ve come up with as a first shot. 

“In terms of performance, there’s no difference at all between this and a diesel or petrol sawmill. It performs extremely well, and the batteries last really well. You should get a full day’s cutting from it.” 

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Dave added: “This is ideal to take out into the forest and do your work on. There’s no noise pollution from it. It’s nice and quiet, and hopefully it will appeal to a lot of people.

Forestry Journal:

“There has been a lot of interest in it since we started showing it off.” 

Wood-Mizer’s stand also showed off the popular LT40.