With many reasons to mulch and just as many solutions, we offer a roundup of the latest goings-on in the mulching world.

AN increasing awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly disposal of unwanted heavy undergrowth has led to a corresponding growth in the range of forestry mulchers now available.

Here are some of the headlines from the year in mulching.


Forestry Journal: FAE has introduced a new forestry mulcher for small skid steers.FAE has introduced a new forestry mulcher for small skid steers. (Image: Supplied)

FAE has introduced a new forestry mulcher for small skid steers. The BL1/SSL/VT, for vehicles from 45 to 65 hp, can shred vegetation, shrubs, and trees up to 10 cm in diameter.

It can be used for vegetation maintenance along roadsides, railroad tracks, the banks of canals, rivers, lakes, managing and protecting wildlife habitats, maintaining vineyards and orchards, commercial and residential green areas and sports grounds.

The head is designed for high productivity, durability, and easy maintenance.

The BL1/SSL/VT’s Variable Torque (VT) piston engine boosts mulcher performance compared to a fixed-cylinder engine, increasing torque when an extra boost of power is needed and minimising rotor stalling. 

In the field, the mulcher always operates with the maximum torque needed, for exceptional performance while optimising fuel consumption.

The ‘Bite Limiter’ technology on the head is said to be ideal for high productivity in managing vegetation, with reliably efficient shredding. The rotor has special wear-resistant steel profiles that limit the reach of the teeth. This cuts down on power demand and promotes a consistent working speed, for excellent performance when mulching any kind of wood. 

The Spike Pro counter blades ensure low power absorption and a finer final product. Spike Pros are interchangeable offset counter blades that enable finer shredding and a smoother flow of wet material. The special design also makes them efficient with very rigid and more flexible vegetation.

The new BL1/SSL/VT can be equipped with Mini BL blades or Mini C/3 teeth and is available in widths of 125 cm and 150 cm.


Forestry Journal: The Microforst pto from Seppi.The Microforst pto from Seppi. (Image: PR)

Earlier this year, Italian manufacturer Seppi (distributed by Lamberhurst Engineering in the UK) unveiled a new forestry mulcher for compact tractors. The Microforst PTO, with mechanical power take-off, will fit 30 to 50 hp machines, mulching brush and woody plants up to 13 cm in diameter.

Designed for PTO tractors that need a reliable mulcher for intense forestry work, it is recommended for vehicles of no more than two tonnes. 

The technical characteristics of the Microforst PTO are similar to those of larger forestry mulchers, but the mulcher weighs less than 600 kg. 

Thanks to its AR400 steel build, its resistance to wear and long service life are guaranteed despite its low weight.

Seppi also unveiled a new remote-controlled mulcher, the Mac 50 le, designed to replace operator-driven equipment in potentially hazardous conditions.


Forestry Journal: The new M105 from Westtech.The new M105 from Westtech. (Image: Supplied)

Back in July manufacturer Westtech unveiled a new excavator-mounted mulcher.

The M105 has a cutting width of 1,050 mm and can be attached to a machine with a weight of between seven and 14 tonnes.

Featuring an axial piston rotating motor with optimum efficiency in two different sizes, the kit is made of high-strength Hardox steel, designed to have a long lifespan.

The machine is designed for mulching in both directions, which enables highest efficiency during work. 

The attrition skids are easily changeable if necessary. 

The mulcher has the ideal working width for roadside and train paths maintenance, and is suitable for keeping forest roads clear.


Forestry Journal: The TMC Cancela TLE-125.The TMC Cancela TLE-125. (Image: Supplied)

As the UK exclusive distributor of TMC Cancela, Spaldings offers a wide range of high-quality mulching machines designed for forestry.

One of its most recent additions to the range is the TMC Cancela TLE-125 hydraulic mulcher for remote-controlled units (60–120 L/min).

This is a solution for equipping remote-controlled vehicles and turning them into real forest mulching equipment. 

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Thanks to the fixed tungsten carbide hammers, the robust bearings, a chassis made of Hardox and several rows of hardened replaceable counterblades, the equipment is suited to carrying out any work related to landscape management, reaching corners and spaces that are difficult to access due to to a robust and compact design that provides great stability and manoeuvrability to the whole assembly.

The modular connection with different plate adapters facilitates the assembly of TLE in different models of remote-controlled vehicles and medium- to low-weight compact loaders.

Spaldings will be showing the TMC Cancela TLE-125, along with other equipment, at November’s SALTEX show, where visitors can get up-close and see the ingenuity built into this versatile machine.