With 17 years of experience in the care of hedges and trees, the arborists at GT Tree Services know a good ladder when they see one. And they don’t come much better than Henchman. 

WHEN it came to choosing the ideal ladders, Greg Tucker already knew the benefits a Henchman product would bring – but even he has been surprised by the results. 

As the owner of GT Tree Services, which specialises in providing professional tree, hedge and topiary support for urban homes and country estates across the Cotswolds, Bath, and the South West, the arborist needed ladders that could take his business to new heights. 

One of the primary challenges Greg faced was the task of levelling ladders safely while working, especially when handling tools simultaneously. Using conventional ladders often diverted another team member from their tasks as they were required to help stabilise the ladders from the ground. After deciding to make the switch to a tripod ladder, there was no competition – Greg knew he wanted a Henchman Fully Adjustable PRO Tripod Ladder. 

Forestry Journal:

“The most appealing features of the ladder were the fully adjustable legs, lightweight frame, and ease of handling, especially when I am working alone,” Greg said. “Switching to a Henchman Tripod ladder meant that there was no need for multiple team members to work on the same tasks allowing them to be free to work elsewhere. 

“This not only saved my company valuable time but also increased individual productivity safely.” 


The reputation and robust build quality of Henchman ladders set them apart from other options on the market. Henchman is the only EN131 certified tripod ladder on the market and its durability and adaptability were crucial, particularly for jobs with challenging access and limited space. 

GT Trees opted for the 16-foot ladder with adjustable legs. This choice provided the versatility for big trees, hedges and topiary, giving him the confidence when needed and ensured easy usability when navigating around large obstacles. 

Furthermore, the stability offered by the built-in platform with guard rail was essential for maintaining balance while manoeuvring cutting tools.

Forestry Journal:

GT Trees uses the ladders for a range of various tasks, including sculpting large topiary pieces, trimming long formal hedges, pruning fruit trees, ivy removal, and even capturing stunning photographs of their work from height. 

Greg often recommends Henchman ladders to other companies and individuals, having already referred several peers to explore the benefits firsthand. He still uses the original Henchman ladder he purchased and maintains that nothing compares.