In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2024. 

IT couldn’t have been better timing had Carr’s Billington Safety planned it. There essentialARB was, having just finished speaking with James Bradshaw about the dealer’s ARB Show offering, when we were interrupted by a customer. A quick walk around the Forest and Arb tent in a pair of Zamberlan boots and he was sold, making a point of telling James just how impressed he was with the footwear. 

He wasn’t the only one to leave Westonbirt a couple of hundred quid lighter, but delighted with his purchase. 

Having only recently been added to Carr’s line-up, the Italian brand was a real highlight of the event, with its range – including the Mountain Lite and Meister boots – generating plenty of interest across the two days. 

“What we have been trying to do recently is bring some of the technology and materials you find in the outdoor industry to this industry,” James, Carr’s sales manager, said. “That means lighter weight protective equipment, which is still doing the job but using the most up-to-date materials. 

“We see that the lighter the equipment you are using is, the easier the job is.

“Zamberlan is the best example. It has been making hill mountaineering boots for 100 years. They are very, very good quality and hand-made, Italian boots. 

“These have gone down terrifically well over the few days of the ARB Show.” 

Among a host of standout features on the Zamberlan range is the optional BOA lacing system, an alternative to classic laces, which effectively allows boots to be put on or taken off with a few twists of a dial. 

Forestry Journal: Zamberlan's boots were among Carr's highlights Zamberlan's boots were among Carr's highlights (Image: eA/JH)

“The demand and the reaction to the brand has been superb,” James continued.

“We actually sold out completely on two models of the boot.” 

It wasn’t just Zamberlan that Carr’s was keen to show off. Elsewhere, it had brought along its MontBell Logger Backpack Load-Carrying System, which is designed to make carrying heavy equipment (including chainsaws) across long distances a far easier task. A demonstration model could be found in the Honey Bros tent. 

The dealer has also recently added MontBell’s protective chainsaw trousers to its line-up. 

“MontBell is a very well established outdoor equipment brand,” James added.

“They are extremely high quality but very light weight. 

“If you can reduce the amount of weight of the kit you are wearing, that is going to make it easier for you during the day.” 

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