In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2024. 

IT wouldn’t be an ARB Show without a product launch from GreenMech. This year the woodchipper manufacturer gave guests the chance to see its EVO 205TT for the first time. 

A turntable version of its popular EVO 205 models, the eight-inch chipper boasts six blades per flywheel and a Stage V Kubota 50hp diesel engine. And while the machine may have been built with the continental market in mind, the Warwickshire-based firm has been surprised by just how much interest British arborists have shown in it. 

“It’s a continuation of the EVO 205 range,” said GreenMech’s MD, Jonathan Turner.

“We saw a market for a turntable version of that. 

“We used to offer a turntable machine a few years ago but it wasn’t available in an eight-inch capacity until now. 

“As far as markets are concerned, it is primarily a continental-aimed machine, but we have had plenty of interest in it here. Both at the Show and prior to launching it. 

“That has surprised us, but it’s been a welcome surprise.” 

Other notable products on the GreenMech stand included the EVO 165P and ECO 135, the latter of which was launched at 2023’s ARB Show. 

“We’ve had some really good responses,” Jonathan added about the EVO 205TT.

“We’ve had it out with a variety of customers, including contractors with local authorities.

“Although it’s a big machine, because you can turn it the full 360 degrees, you don’t need as much workspace.” 

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