In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from all aspects of the ARB Show 2024. 

AS always, one of the most impressive stands at the ARB Show was Timberwolf’s – and for good reason. Not only does it remain one of the biggest names in the sector, but it had two new developments it was keen to show off. 

The first concerned its recent taking on of the Rayco stump grinder dealership, with the woodchipper manufacturer now selling the American-made brand across Europe. Suitably, Timberwolf had brought along several of the firm’s products for visitors to see, including the RG37. 

But it was one of its own new machines that was the star of the show. Unveiled in April, the TW 280FTR Hybrid is an eight-inch tracked chipper, building on the foundations of the TW 280HB HYBRID, and the ARB Show was the first opportunity most arborists had to see it in the flesh. 

Forestry Journal: Timberwolf's stand also included Rayco stump grinders, which it is now selling in Europe Timberwolf's stand also included Rayco stump grinders, which it is now selling in Europe (Image: eA/JH)

With its distinctive Timberwolf orange, it certainly looked the part, and the manufacturer’s bosses are sure it will live up to the brand’s reputation. 

“With hybrid, it has been quite an interesting journey for us,” said product manager Karl Howlett. “When Stage V came in, we wanted to keep the mindset that for the customer it was business as usual. 

“They have a much bigger job to do day-to-day than worrying about how their chipper will handle. 

“For the hybrid, it offers that continuation of simplicity. It gives the performance of high level power, but it cannibalises areas where there’s a low duty cycle on the product. Put your wood in and it will do what it needs to do. 

“For those seeking a greener product, it also ticks that box. It gives the normal arborist fuel reduction but outstanding performance. So it’s very exciting to have the TW 280FTR Hybrid on the stand.” 

Key features of the new model include a self-charging system when operating, no diesel particulate filter (DPF), WolfTrack dual-speed tracking system (low speed: 2.5 kph, high speed: 5 kph), an integrated track recovery system, Bluetooth connectivity and a three-year warranty as standard. 

“We don’t want to put a product to market that slows the job down,” Karl added.

“Ultimately, time is money.” 

In terms of the feedback Timberwolf had received on its first Hybrid machine, Karl said: “It’s been engaging. It brings a discussion naturally, and it gets people into using the product. 

“People are really excited to see a diesel option back in the eight-inch range for Timberwolf.” 

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