In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from KWF Tagung 2024. 

WHEN it came to Rottne’s large stand, there were several highlights to choose from, but it was a new crane that was getting most of the attention. Unveiled to the public for the first time at KWF, the RK220 was fitted to an H11E harvester, for which it has been specially designed. 

Featuring “powerful lifting capacity” and “optimal geometry”, the crane was developed to maximise an operator’s visibility from the cabin, with its hoses relocated to below the arm to clear the path to the harvesting head. 

“We have a 50 per cent stronger crane, we have improved lifting height, and there is better visibility from the cabin,” said sales and marketing director, Niklas Lefevre. “Many points are improved on its predecessor. 

“We don’t disclose the product development time, but it has been quite some time. A lot of work has gone into it. You can’t take any chances, and everything must be ready to go from a quality point of view. 

“Operators will have better visibility when they are working with the machine from the cabin. 

“People have been very positive about it. It is a very clean design, and it is a very nice crane.” 

The crane is said to be 50 per cent stronger than its predecessor The crane is said to be 50 per cent stronger than its predecessor (Image: FJ/JH)

It will go into production at the beginning of next year, by which point he expects the forest machine market to have improved from its current situation. 

“Things are going well now,” he said. “We see an improving market. The forest machine had a decline in the past year, but we see that demand is now improving.” 

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