In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from KWF Tagung 2024. 

IF winches, cranes and firewood processors were your thing, then you need not have looked any further than Krpan’s KWF offering, which included recently launched models of all three. 

Led by 11 new winches – including the 9 EHP and 9 DH Pro – the Slovenian manufacturer was also keen to show off its first cabin on a timber crane. A prime example could be found on its D 120 Z crane, much to the delight of customers old and new. 

Of the winches, sales consultant Mojca Fain said: “It’s not only the design that is new, but there are practical and ergonomical features that have been updated. 

Krpan Elsewhere, Krpan was demonstrating its CS 4218 Pro firewood processor (Image: FJ/JH)

“We have a new radio remote control with proportional brake release. That’s so important for safety. We have a new line of gear-drive winches with constant pulling power for professional users.” 

Mojca added: “We also have a truck crane with a cabin, which we didn’t have before. We are targeting markets where this is essential. 

“We will try to introduce it into the UK. Maybe not this year. It’s a matter of discussion; first we need to conquer our existing markets.” 

Elsewhere, Krpan was demonstrating its CS 4218 Pro firewood processor, which will already be familiar to some users in the UK as it has been promoted in recent months by dealer Jas P Wilson. 

(Image: FJ/JH)

“The main new feature is this sawblade,” Mojca said. “Usually you have a saw bar with a chain like a chainsaw; which means a lot of maintenance. All of these things you do not have with a circular sawblade. It’s low maintenance; you can work continuously. It’s a really good machine, sturdy and robust. People like it.”

As for the current forestry market, Mojca said: “We have been doing very well. Last year’s turnover was one of the best, and we are close to it so far this year. Still, we feel our distributors are getting cautious and don’t want to have as big a stock as they did before. But we remain optimistic.” 

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