In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from KWF Tagung 2024. 

SLOVENIAN equipment manufacturer Uniforest brought a wealth of machinery to showcase at KWF, including a working firewood production line. Among other highlights was the new X-Power range of professional gear winches with proportional brakes, promising extreme strength, durability and control.

On display were the new 70 GX, 90 GX, 90 GKY and 2x90 GKX models, boasting reinforced butt plates, stronger unwinding devices and complete control over the pulling force with the Uniforest Connect app.

Matjaz Gracner explained: “It’s a new family of gear winches. We integrated a proportional brake, so that if the tractor is on its back wheels you can put it down slowly by adjusting the force of the brake.

(Image: FJ/JH)

“We wanted to integrate this because a lot of customers need it. It’s very important. Constant pulling force is also possible now on these new models. Plus, they’re more attractive and they are made with stronger materials. We have strengthened the main plate.

“We did a lot of research with forestry professionals to find out what improvements they needed. We are planning to come to the market at the end of this year.”