In this series of articles, we will be sharing exclusive coverage from KWF Tagung 2024. 

ALMOST the full John Deere forestry portfolio was on display at its stand, but the highlight was the presence of the new H Series, launched in May. An eight-wheeled 1270H was on display with a 1470H, the largest harvester in the range, along with a 2010H forwarder.

Forestry Journal caught up with Mikko Turunen and Lauri Autio on the stand towards the end of the first day. Conversation focused on the new 1270H, which was generating the most interest from visitors.

John Deere’s stand was dominated by its new H Series of machines, which, unsurprisingly, attracted plenty of attention.John Deere’s stand was dominated by its new H Series of machines, which, unsurprisingly, attracted plenty of attention. (Image: FJ/JH)

Mikko said: “The most obvious thing people see when they approach the machine is that it has a new styling and looks different from the G Series and other machines we have delivered to customers in the past. It has new styling in the rear engine hood; the engine inside was turned around, and there is a new set-up of components inside. The radiator fan is at the rear, making less noise for the operator in the cab. The fuel tanks and liquids are more to the middle joint, so the whole rear frame layout was made from scratch.

“At the front, the most obvious and important innovation for users is frame lock, massively increasing stability and confidence when operating on steep slopes. There are all-new booms on both machines – the H9 and H7 booms. Compared to the 1270G it is 10 per cent more powerful in all directions.

“The cab looks the same from a distance, but when you get into it and start operating, it’s quieter; there are all-new materials, new air channels and air intakes, new stereos and TimberMatic control system. So there’s a lot that’s new.

“New five-button joysticks are now available. Almost all functions can be modified per user. So when the operator enters the machine they have a dedicated key and the machine recognises them. The machine knows who is coming and it turns on the computer and automation system and is ready to run when the operator enters the cab, so it’s faster getting to the chop.”

Asked what customers had been saying about their experience of using the new harvesters, Lauri said: “One of the biggest things is, of course, the new frame lock. It supports the machine’s stability when driving, giving more support; you can use more boom. It’s a really big thing. Next is the increased boom power, increased engine power and new hydraulic control system.”

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