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In Forestry Journal in March...

Smooth Operator

Last month we reported on the unveiling of Husqvarna’s new-generation saws. Simon Bowes shares his thoughts on the 550 XP Mk II.

‘New-Generation 50 cc chainsaws from Husqvarna’ – that was the headline. What were we expecting? I know I wasn’t expecting a new 50 cc saw. We’d seen the new 60 cc machine that was launched to an enormous fanfare as the first five series machine, although hang on there a minute, it wasn’t that at more

Sampo HR46x in Scotland

Hilary Burke reports on the visit of Sampo Rosenlew’s HR46x harvester to the forests of northern Scotland in mid February.

The woodlands manager for the Moray Estates had agreed that the machine could be put through its paces in part of a first thinning operation scheduled on the Darnaway Estate. Forestry is a vibrant business on the shores of the Moray Firth and there is a varied mix of species in Darnaway more

Small scale - buyer's guide

There are many small, privately owned woodlands all over the country that could benefit from management to increase their value. As owners are encouraged to manage these woods, the need for small-scale equipment to assist in this endeavour increases.

This equipment needs to offer a high level of manoeuvrability, ease of access and the flexibility to deal with different sizes of material. Here we take a look at some of the kit currently on more

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