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Forestry Journal is the 'must-read' magazine for anyone interested in the forestry and timber industry. Each magazine delivers 84 pages containing a variety of features on forestry contracting, woodland management, firewood production and much, much more!

Published monthly, Forestry Journal's content will appeal to anyone working in the forest industry, from forestry contractors and machinery manufacturers through to local authorities and land agents.

But don't just take our word for it. Take a look below at some of the features in this month's magazine and decide for yourself!

In Forestry Journal in December...

DSM Timber Ltd

Forestry Journal last visited forestry contractors DSM Timber Limited in 2012. Carolyne Locher recently returned to see how things have changed over the past six years.

An orange cone placed at ‘11 o’clock’ on a crossroads on the North Yorkshire Moors marks the entrance to DSM’s current work site, a privately owned woodland that borders handsome Forestry Commission-owned plantations in the North Yorkshire Moors National more

Focus on technology

Over the following pages we take a look at the latest technological advances in the forest.

Although the real work may happen on the ground, there is no doubt that these technological advancements are helping to get to the root of most forestry more

Unseasonal woes for UK Christmas trees

Dr Terry Mabbett takes a look at that strictly seasonal commodity – the Christmas tree. Highly susceptible to extreme weather events in the run up to the one and only annual marketing period, heavy snow and/or waterlogged fields can hold up or even prevent harvesting, which in turn can disrupt any subsequent marketing.

Like all other conifers, Christmas trees require planting, feeding and protection, the only difference being that Christmas tree conifers for the mainstream domestic market are harvested after only five to eight years of good growth and more

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