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Forestry Journal is the 'must-read' magazine for anyone interested in the forestry and timber industry. Each magazine delivers 84 pages containing a variety of features on forestry contracting, woodland management, firewood production and much, much more!

Published monthly, Forestry Journal's content will appeal to anyone working in the forest industry, from forestry contractors and machinery manufacturers through to local authorities and land agents.

But don't just take our word for it. Take a look below at some of the features in this month's magazine and decide for yourself!

In Forestry Journal in June...

Tomorrow's forestry today

On 2–3 May, over 330 professionals descended on the Edinburgh International Conference Centre for the Institute of Chartered Foresters’ flagship national conference.

Billed as ‘Innovation for Change: New drivers for tomorrow’s forestry’, the line-up for the two-day conference promised 18 speakers, both UK and international, delivering a wide range of subjects setting out what the future may hold and how the
forestry sector can prepare for more

Horse Logging - Jonah and Jimmy

Sensitive silvicultural operations carried out in larger, accessible stands will be able to provide the owner and his/her heirs with a sustainable source of revenue; although, it has to be said, the income may be modest.

Some of the smallest and most isolated woodlands may always be expected to remain well outside the envelope of financial viability. Other factors, however,
may come into the equation. Heating a property with fuel grown in your own woodland will carry a certain ‘non-financial’ value to some more

Coppice: a broad church

The true definition of coppicing is cutting a
broadleaved tree at ground level to stimulate growth of new shoots from the rootstock.

But the variations on this theme are tremendous: it is a source of materials for craft workers, and at the other end of the scale a method to grow biomass for producing heat and more

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