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Forestry Journal is the 'must-read' magazine for anyone interested in the forestry and timber industry. Each magazine delivers 84 pages containing a variety of features on forestry contracting, woodland management, firewood production and much, much more!

Published monthly, Forestry Journal's content will appeal to anyone working in the forest industry, from forestry contractors and machinery manufacturers through to local authorities and land agents.

But don't just take our word for it. Take a look below at some of the features in this month's magazine and decide for yourself!

In Forestry Journal in July...

Taking responsibility - Confor/FISA regional field day.

Attendees from across the supply chain assemble at Perridge Estate’s 400 hilly hectares near Exeter.

Stewarded by the Studholme family for over 100 years, Sir Harry, Chair of the Forestry Commission, welcomed us to this Confor/FISA South West Regional Field Day: ‘Integrated Planning & Safe Management of Forest Operations in a Mixed Lowland Estate’ more

Spread the risk, share the load.

Northumberland estate owner James Cookson is convinced that a ‘mixed regime’ in land usage is the most sustainable way to maximise the potential of the limited rural acreage available.

James has been analysing the returns from the land he owns and has come to the conclusion that stakeholders must be objective in their vision of the rewards that their stewardship of the land can more

Restoration Aspirations Pt 3 - Progress

I went for a ride through Dalby the other night. I passed a stand of trees up by the old fire tower site. Yes, there was a watchtower constructed from lattice-work steel, much like those large electric pylons that stride across the country now.

It had a cabin on the top with communications with which the fire lookout could alert the authorities to any conflagrations that may occur during the hot dry months of summer. Apparently they were busy during the summer of ’76, when I was a spotty schoolboy who dreamed of becoming a more

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