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Forestry Journal is the 'must-read' magazine for anyone interested in the forestry and timber industry. Each magazine delivers 84 pages containing a variety of features on forestry contracting, woodland management, firewood production and much, much more!

Published monthly, Forestry Journal's content will appeal to anyone working in the forest industry, from forestry contractors and machinery manufacturers through to local authorities and land agents.

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In Forestry Journal in November...

When nature calls...

Google the phrase ‘how to crap in the woods’ and you will get back millions of results, all using various euphemisms.

But, it is what is, as they say. Here, one of our regular contributors discusses the issue in more detail. For those not in the know, the HSE are currently carrying out site visits to assess the state of play in UK more

Sampo HR64x harvester

In these islands the four-wheeled harvester seems to have fallen out of fashion. Many in the forestry industry probably remember them as a cut-price – usually second-hand – option for the upgrade from motor-manual to mechanised harvesting.

It is true that for climbing the hills and clearfelling the plantations established on peatlands, bogies and bandtracks have become an essential part of the harvesting more

Managing and milling: a good combination

Sawmills Devon processes 1,000 cubic metres of timber a year in a two-acre yard near Dunsford (Exeter) on the eastern edge of Dartmoor.

The locally sourced roundwood timbers feeding this busy mill come either from two woodlands managed for clients by mill owner Mike Gardner or from stocks bought in from local harvesting companies. Carolyne Locher visited the mill to find out more

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