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Forestry Journal is the 'must-read' magazine for anyone interested in the forestry and timber industry. Each magazine delivers 84 pages containing a variety of features on forestry contracting, woodland management, firewood production and much, much more!

Published monthly, Forestry Journal's content will appeal to anyone working in the forest industry, from forestry contractors and machinery manufacturers through to local authorities and land agents.

But don't just take our word for it. Take a look below at some of the features in this month's magazine and decide for yourself!

In Forestry Journal in May...

Left counting the cost

Contractors across the country are finding themselves at constant risk of theft and vandalism from criminals who seem incredibly knowledgeable about the forestry industry, how the machines work and where to find them. We spoke to three men about their own experiences of a nationwide problem that appears to be escalating with every passing week.

On a midweek evening last month, contractor Michael Thomas was relaxing at his home in Wales when he received a call to say that his machines were on more

Built for solving problems

Konrad Forsttechnik has amassed a large number of research and innovation awards for its design of specialised timber-harvesting machines. Paul Argent visited the family business’s base in Austria to learn about the latest additions to its range.

BASED in the district of Wolfsberg in Austria, prime timber country, Konrad Forsttechnik is one of the leading exponents of specialised timber harvesting more

A journey to the heart of Komatsu

Forestry Journal was extremely grateful to be invited to accompany Stephen Foley, winner of an all-expenses-paid trip to Komatsu Forest AB in Umeå, Sweden. Here, Anne Berry brings you the second part of her trip report, featuring a tour of the factory, a little relaxation – and being thrown to a moose!

FOR those of you who have just subscribed or have seen part one of this article, Stephen Foley of Foley Timber was the lucky winner of the all-inclusive, more

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